Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yet Another Week!

Time flies when you're having fun...and even when you;re not...but we are actually- and I have been extra busy this week not being on the computer, and have begun a new blog primarily for myself, but it might prove interesting for some.

The basic premise is to record my money saving ideas, and my current project- keeping a better eye on our grocery budget.

See, for the longest time- if anyone had asked me what our grocery budget was, I could tell them- but what was on paper, was not what was actually being spent...and my (personal) day of reckoning came when I decided to actually record what we did spend. What a shock! Well, not rally- I had a fair idea, I just wasn't quite allowing my mind to go there.

But now I am...the new blog is called Cheap As Chippies (cheap as chips was already taken), and you can see it here.

Back to our week...Saturday our cousin M11 came to stay the night, as did some unschooling friends from down the line (J, J and H6)...we all had a lot of fun together, and wish it could have lasted longer.

On Sunday we had a family BBQ lunch at Nana's- that was also a lot of fun, and the children enjoyed a really neat afternoon with their Auckland cousins. They played on the swing, and in the yard, went for a walk to the local park, and to the shop. The girls played with Nan's selection of toys, and they all just hung out and laughed together enjoying the sun. We also ate enormous amounts of delicious food.

Monday was the day before payday- the day we never have any money whatsoever, but it was fun. Princess and I (mostly here) made pizza for lunch, which was fabulous, and really quick too. J-Man realised we were low on milk, so took his own money, and went for a walk up to the shop to buy more, and came back with a treat for everyone as well.

Tuesday was payday, hooray- but a whole new type of payday. The plan was to spend $200, but not go back to the shop the following day, or the one after- but to stay away for a week. Very new for us, and not even sure it is doable- but today is Friday, and it has worked so far.

I also usually buy us lunch on payday, almost as an apology for being so poor the last few days and feeling sorry for the kiddos. They, on the other hand, aren't bothered at all- and when no bought lunch arrived, they didn't even notice. Funny that I get these ideas in my head about how they must feel they are "missing out", but they don't have them at all. Funny how it is usually kids wanting parents to buy lollies, but here it is me imagining they want them, and buying them before they even ask.

I also normally let them choose a bag each on payday, but this time only bought one bag for the 5 of us to share- and we still have nearly half of them! I've used some for a treat for the littlies after Storytime at the library, and some more for an after dinner treat for each of us, and still more to go on some cookies. Is anyone missing out? Nope. What kind of a ning-nong have I been?

Wednesday, J-Man went to be with his friend J12 for the day, and to a science class for older kids. He ad a great time, and came home exhausted as usual (he has to get up super-early so Daddy can drive him there on his way to work). I took Princess and Tombliboo to the library Storytime. It looked like we would miss it, because Tombliboo (very 2) was determined to take his bowl of porridge. I wasn't happy with that plan for obvious reasons, but eventually agreed he could sit in his pushchair (the one we never used until he turned 2), and eat it on the way, but not take in to the library.

We got there very late, and he still didn't want to let it go, didn't seem interested in eating it I sent Princess in alone. She came out to say noone else had turned up (for the second week in a row) and the lady would wait for us. Eventually, after all the same discussions, he agreed to leave the porridge and run inside.

"Storytime" is a misnomer- there are usually only two stories rad, maybe a song (or two) sung (though not today since it was so late), and then the bulk of the time is taken up with a craft activity. This suits Princess down to the ground, bu is not much use for Tombliboo- adn also not what I have in mind when I think of "Storytime". We have been 4 times now, though I used to take J-Man fairly often when he was little. I remember commenting about this state of affairs then too.

It just seems to me that Storytime should be about stories. I think one day I should like to be a library story-teller, and engage lots of children in wonderful books that they wouldn't dream of leaving for the sake of a craft activity...and I won't use ridiculous ("look at hte ickle babeeee" voices, and change big words to teeny ones lest brains become stimulated and neurons get connected. I would do things very differently indeed, but for now the Storytime we are attending is fun, and Princess knows it is for pre-schoolers, so she tolerates the funny voice.

Tombliboo can ride the trike now...

Thursday, J-Man sold his Nintendo DS on Trade Me for $20 less than he bought it for. J and J2 came to visit, which was lots of fun, and when they were about to leave (nearly 7pm), Tombliboo wanted to get in their car. Then he didn;t want to leave...then in an effort to get him out quickly, and plainlessly, J said, "Do you want to come home with me Tombliboo?", and blow-me-and-her-down, he said "Yes!."

We didn't think he was serious, but he was, and eventually e agreed that he could go off with her, and Daddy would pick him up from her place shortly.

I had to dress the naked boy, which I didn't think he would agree to- but he did...and we put him in his carseat, and he said "Goodbye". It was astonishing, and I felt any minute he would say, "Hold the phone! You mean you're not coming/??", but he did not. He happily waved goodbye, and drove away. This is the boy who only just went out with his Daddy alone for the first time last week! What a difference compared to the child who is forced to leave his mother.

Daddy was there before they arrived, and brought Tombliboo straight home, though he would have liked to have gone and played with J2's toys. We all ate dinner, then went out (in a rush) for J-Man to look at Game Workshop and spend his newly-acquired wealth. He has been wanting LOTR figurines for a long timer, and finally got his chance. With only 20 minutes to make a purchase, he came away with just what he was after, and also got to speak to a man there who has been collecting the figurines for 21 years! He is planning to attend a free workshop with his Daddy asap.

He has already painted a couple of figures, and I am really amazed at his patience. I didn't think it would be his thing, but he has done so well. His best friend J12 has these figures as well, so it should open up a whole new world fro the pair of them...but already J-Man has realised he is short on paints, and at $7 a (miniature) pot of one colour, his pocket money will be spent quickly for many weeks to come.

Now it's Friday- I've been on here so long our porridge will just about be lunch. The kiddos have been busy watching Scooby-Doo, dancing, jumping on the trampoline, and painting LOTR miniatures (or watching J-Man paint).


Cally said...

Your cheap as chippies link doesn't work for me :(

Your days sound so busy - thank god mine aren't at the moment, as I have a sore back and a rotten cold.

I love the bit about T going off with J only a week after he first went with his dad - brought back memories of one of mine who wouldn't go anywhere without me for years, but when he finally did, couldn't understand why I was amazed - "Why wouldn't I?" - he seemed to have no memory of not wanting to. I guess it happened so easily for him because he had never been forced, so all just flowed naturally when the time came (when he was nearly 10!!)(tho he was always happy to stay with his father.)

Noix_coco said...

I use the website Savings Tips as you recommended it... do u still use it ?

Shady Lady said...

I am very much looking forward to the next pay day!

I like your new blog!