Thursday, March 12, 2009


The kids are back in to evidenced by the stuff in every nook and cranny of the lounge (and thankfully not beyond...yet!).

Princess has never really been not in to Lego, but J-Man hasn't played much with it in well over a year now.

Not only that, but they are playing happily with it...really happily. I love listening to them play, and realised yesterday just how much I have missed that.

Lots seems to be going on with J-Man atm. He was rarely on the computer yesterday.

He was making a game online which was making me giggle (the main character is a hashbrown... I really must find a hashbrown recipe- the thought of that food has broken in to his gaming considerations).

He talked to his best friend J12 on the phone for an hour or more, while making the game, and wandering about the hosue, or lying on my bed.

He did the dishes, and cleaned the toilet...I know, I know- how cool is that??

He jumped on the trampoline, chased Tombliboo, and helped me put the mud back in the hole he dug last week.

He read several pages of the first book he has read since he was 7- Twilight.

He looked through his scrapbooking stuff, and found a photo of himself which he simply had to burn (lol)...he hasn't looked at that stuff in well over a year.

He played a game of Stratego with Princess...they didn't fight! He told me later she only owon because he let her- it was so nice to peek in on them busy with a baord game. I don't remember when they last played a boardgame.

He watched some chidlren's TV with Princess and Tombliboo.

They played Lego for literally hours yesterday. Building scenarios, creating characters and role-playing.

I can't remember what else, and I need to get this published so I can turn the computer off...but it was a neat day, and especially seeing the children getting along with no sign of an upset...hooray!


Shady Lady said...

I have been thinking about buying Legos for my Princess. Legos are so different than when I was a kid though. Way back then you could buy a big box of all different pieces. Today, all I have seen are kits with pieces to make particular design. Or am I mistaken?

Shell (in NZ) said...

You can buy both here...we have 2 big boxes (tubs) full, and then loads of different sets. From 4-7 Lego was all J-Man ever asked for.

Someone once said, "But you can;t need any more Lego- you've got so much!"...and it was true, only we did, lol.

If someone was going to bu ya present anyway, that was all he wanted.

Princess has been playing with it as long as J-Man (from 5 months).

Colleen said...

What a lovely day! :)

Noix_coco said...

seems too good to be true...

Shady Lady said...

Good to know! I'll look into it...thanks!