Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Help- my baby is growing up!

I got the idea that my little boy would like some time alone with his Daddy- I don't think he has ever been alone with his Daddy (apart from some early morning snuggles while I go to the supermarket without children).

Certainly, he has never been out alone with his Daddy...until now!

At the ripe old age of two and a third, Tombliboo is having his first "Daddy Date".

He has been looking forward to it all day, and told me often "I go park a Daddy". This is a better alternative to yesterday when he said he wanted to go to space with Daddy. As it happens, it's pouring down, so the park will be more in the form of a McDonald's Playland.

It didn't look like it would happen...he only slept for 5-10 minutes today, and at 8:15pm started pulling me to bed ("I go a sleep!"). Daddy quickly intervened, andgot him out ot the car. He was getting buckled in to his carseat, and suddenly said, "I go home, Mummy!" I said he was already at home, and that he was going out with his Daddy. He lit up again (as he has done all day), and looking like his father's number one fan in the world- they left. He was waving, and saying "Bye Mummy!", and now he's been gone for 15 minutes. I haven't had 15 minutes with only J-Man and Princess at home in over 2's nice, kinda peaceful, but we all miss our little Tombliboo very much.

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Shady Lady said...

Isn't it just so hard!!