Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mudbath!

I haven't seen my children having this much fun in a while...not that they don't have fun, just that this rocks! It's a giant mess, which they have promised to clean, and it nearly made their Daddy have a big-blue-fit, but they have had a ball!

Tombliboo heading off to see if there are any more mini cucumbers growing.

The Muddy Princess, aged 6.
Mud Art.

The Instigator, J-Man, aged 10.


Cally said...

How gorgeous! Brings back memories of a day out at another homeschooler's place when Greg (now nearly 28, then anout 6) and friend did something very similar. As a country kid, I didn't have to have a hole - we had a whole swamp to mudroll in - and did.

Shady Lady said...

Oh this looks like way too much fun!