Monday, March 2, 2009

More on reading

A friend asked me yesterday how Princess (nearly 6.5 yrs) is coming along with her reading after the big excitement a week or two ago. I had to admit there has been nothing further...but this does not mean I don't think nothing is happening. I'm sure there are little connections happening all over the place for her, but to people looking on, there's nothing obvious.

I thought about that for a bit and decided it didn't matter in the least. There is plenty of time.

Years and years, actually.

Meanwhile, she told me yesterday that I am the best Mummy in the world, and that she loves all the things I love, and she loves to be with me every day. What is more important than that?

She finished a set on Packrat, and helped set up a guild on Gaia with J-Man...played ponies alone, and tidied her room a little...she helped me clean the oven, and hang out the washing (utterly her choice)...she drew a picture of her favourite animal for a tv competition- she made it as nice as she could, and added a cut out photo of herself...she jumpedo nthe trampoline with Tombliboo, and played with the hose (and a big mudhole) wiht J-Man...she made the neighbour's baby smile and gave him one of her (old) favourite toys...she sat in our tent (outside) and looked at books with Tombliboo...she asked why Easter is late this year, and looked up the answer online with Daddy...she coutned all the coins she has foudn recently, and went to spend them at the shop- as usual, she didn't just buy something for herself, but for the whole family...she walked with J-Man and I to the shops, and to return dvd's after Daddy got home...she danced with Tombliboo to a Disney songs CD...I read some Matilda to her (until Tombliboo took the book away)...she watched The Underdog with her brothers, and made herself snacks when she was hungry...she didn't read a single word that I saw, but I wasn't looking- it doesn't matter... I'm just enjoying every day with this little ray of sunshine.

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Shady Lady said...

The reading will come. Kids are ready and different times in their lives. It will happen when she is really ready. Trust the process...