Saturday, August 30, 2008


J-Man (9.5 years) made it to level 60 last weekend. That's a big achievement for anyone- just over 18 months ago, that would have been the highest level (now the highest level is 70, and probably 80 come January '09).

He's come a long way since the days when I was called in to help him- in tears without a clue how to get the items he needed for his first quest.

I asked him how we talk to other people on the game, and he showed me. I asked, "Help Please: Where do you get Spider's Legs?"

Some delightful character replied, "On the end of Spider's bodies."

It would be impossible to list all he's learned in this game, but some of it is...

map-reading, typing, spelling, history (of the game and world history through chat), typing, spelling, geography, time zones (he plays with people all over the world), masses of people skills- forming groups/parties/guilds, running poeple through "instances" for (WoW) Gold, and helping other people with quests or kills, maths (adding scores, working out XP needed to level, amounts of gold needed to purchase items), running and buying from auctions. He's worked out different wyas of making extra cash, and gone on websites to work out if they are legal or not. He's played two characters at once (alt-tabbing between two accounts), and with a Multi-Plex download. He's made videos of the game, and an intro for newbies. He's taken coutntless screenshots of himself levelling, or funny and amazing situations he's observed. He's helped several friends get started, and sent them all sorts of mail in the game.

That's just a little bit of what he's learned. Mostly though, as with anything he undertakes- he's been having fun.

Yesterday we were out at shops and he spotted a copy of the Guiness Book of Records Gamer's Edition. He was so excited, and asked if I thought it was OK that he carry it aroudn with us while we were shopping. I didn't see a problem with it, so he proceeded to read me chunks of it, and find hidey-holes to get lost in it.

J-Man is an excellent reader, and has been since he was 4...but he is not a book-lover. In fact, the only time he ever asks to *buy* a book, is the Guiness Book of Records. He asks for it every year.

He kept getting a little lost as I moved from place to place- he was so absorbed in his book. After a while he said, "Mum it would be so much easier if I could just right-click on your head and press 'follow'."

We found a t-shirt he likes, with a picture of a puzzled monkey holding a game controller. It said, "You want me to go outside? Is that a secret level?"

When we got to the counter, J-Man decided that since the book was $37.95, and he had $40 saved- he could afford it. He does not usually make decisions quickly, and I was suprised. I reminded him he'll be paid for his ad soon, and can easily afford it then...but he wanted it right away.

So, he bought the book, and before we were even at the car he wasn't sure he should have. He was worried he would read it once then not touch it again.

If I buy him a book he will usually tell me I shouldn't have wasted my money. I can't think of another occasion where he has spent his pocket money (1 month's worth) on a book. I think that's really cool.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Princess (nearly 6) just came to ask me to make her a sandwich.

She puts on the voice of Edd (the really dullwitted one) from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. She does it *really* well.

I said, "You're so cute!"

She replied, "And you're so sweet. You're like sugar!"

I laughed, and said, "Thank you."

"You're like Brown Sugar", she clarified.

"Why brown sugar?",I asked.

"Because your hair is brownish, and your eyes are brown, and you're wearing brown pants."

"Makes sense,", I said.

"Yes- I'm the maker-senser", she giggled.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Month of Unschooling (mind-map)

This is the mind-map I drew up for Princess's exemption from school...I wrote things under "broad curriculum areas" as often as I remembered, and until I ran out of space. It will be sent off with a cover letter explaining a bit more about our lives, mostly that life is not neatly compartmentalised in to subjects.

***It is basically 2 A3 sheets of paper (made to look A2 size), with Princess's Home Education in the centre, aged 5 3/4), and split in to 6 "subject" areas.***

When it gets approved, I will post the cover letter.

Princess’s Home Education for July 2008 (aged 5 ¾)


***Mummy read Akimbo and the Snakes***Princess “read” (from memory) to Tombliboo (little brother)***We watched Prince Caspian at the movies***Wrote the address of a friend on a postcard***Mummy read Rebecca the Rock’n’Roll Fairy***Wrote and “I love you” note for each of us***We played the funny post-it game (names of household items on post-its, but labelling the wrong thing)- Aimee put them all in the right places***Wrote a sign for the kitchen door (with invented spelling- “Aimee is making a salad for Mama”***Mummy read 20 Hungry Piggies, How Absurd and The Great Tooth Fairy Rip-Off***Watched Wordworld on Sky TV***Mummy read her Prince Caspian (we had read most of the series when she was 2, but Aimee had given up listening by book 3)***Wrote in her journal alone, and with me writing what she dictated in yellow- for her to write over the top***Read DK Phonics cards, then several little readers (Zip and Zeek)***Read half of Go, Dog, Go!, determined to do it all by herself!***Wrote very beautifully in a card for Nana***Read me Do You Like Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?***I read Berenstain Bears and the Missing Bone, and together we read Letterland Zoo*** Wrote a note for Grandma***We read Mr Magee together***Did a Treasure Hunt with sentence clues****Read together I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean***Mummy read Imogen the Ice Fairy***Walked to the library to choose books***Helped me with the grocery shopping (getting the things she read off my list)***Read together Rascal Goes to the Show***Marked off the items she still needs to get for her Ponyville set***Watched Enchanted (the movie) with family***Told stories on the trampoline with J-Man***Talked about ideas for her birthday party***Filled in the gaps for messages I wrote, eg: Can you write the word (picture of a cat). Can you draw a picture of a spotty cup?***Played with he Scrabble letters****Played and wrote words with magnetic letters***Talked about rhymes and alliteration***Princess spent the day making simple rhymes***Listened to Fox in Socks on tape***


***Asked me how much is 500+500, then told me "It's ten hundred"***Created maths sums for herself while eating dinner- wrote them out on paper***Counted to 100 (first time) while watching Dora***Went shopping several times with Grandma***Helped me make a chart of all the days until her birthday***Played a weighing game- making scales balance***Walked to the shops with Mum- talked about how many $1 bubblegum sticks she could buy with different amounts of money, and how much so many sticks would cost***Watched Numberjacks on Sky TV- talking about halves and wholes***Helped me make honey-bubble crunch***Played her first ever game of Yahtzee with Mummy and Daddy***Played games to earn neopoints, and fed her neopets***Went shopping with Mum- counted up the bill for me, and got 1kg of oranges using the scales***Counted the 42 buttons she placed along the length of the couch***Got paid for an ad she was filmed in and went to choose a new toy- negotiated with me what she could afford***Got up before me and played with lots of cards (pairs) and did puzzles***Played Pokemon on the gameboy***Built towers out of Nana's nesting containers.***Told me the time on several occasions (of her own accord, and when asked).***Played on (lots of maths games including addition, subtraction, ordering, patterns, memory)***Made houses out of cards***Built towers out of wooden blocks***Made pizza with Mummy***Made a pony scene on grid paper with Daddy***Answered some brain buster questions for 7-9 year olds***Spent money from the tooth fairy, unassisted***Guessed what would be in her fossil (logic)***Phoned Daddy at work (alone)***Helped make choc-chip cookies***Looked at Toyworld catalogue and worked out how many paydays she needs to wait to buy each of the toys she wants***Went shopping with Mum, adding up on the way round (to the nearest $, and up to $20)***Helped Mum make chocolate balls***Built with Lego with and without instructions***Played Princess (co-operative) game***Played games adding the totals of the dice she rolled***

Science and Techonology

***Princess made strawberry sorbet in the ice-cream maker***Princess peeled potatoes for dinner***We all looked at the broccoli growing in our garden***We discussed the compost bin, scraps bucket and how they work***Princess made meatloaf for dinner***Made a marble run***Watched her favourite cartoons on Sky- Ed, Edd and Eddy; Billy & Mandy; Ben 10; Powerpuff Girls; The Last Avatar: Legend of Ang; Dora the Explorer; Scooby-Doo***Helped me make pancakes***Jumped on the trampoline alone, and with J-Man and Tombliboo***Played with Grandma’s cats***Played with magnets***We all watched Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves***Watched The Minute Men (movie)***Played Jenga with Grandma***Practised for a while and taught herself to whistle and to click her fingers***Watched part of a documentary about mice with Mummy***Watched a Scooby-Doo movie***Helped me make profiteroles***Watched her cousin’s turtle in it’s tank***Watched part of a documentary about kimodo dragons***Watched her favourite movie (Scooby-Doo and the Haunted House) at least 4 times***Watched part of a documentary about hippos***Helped me make date scones- she did the flour and butter by herself***Aimee has a loose tooth- talked about mouth development***Helped me make ginger pear pudding***Watched birds outside our house***Did a Discover Science Paleontology Experiment-Fossil Find***Rolled pizza dough- watched yeast at work***Watched J-Man play Playstation***Lost her first tooth***Played on ***Watched part of a documentary on penguins***Uncovered another fossil (made by Mummy)***Made the hamburgers for dinner***Watched Diego- learned about jaguars***Watched Stanley- learned about bluebirds and cheetahs***Watched the mechanic sorting out which parts our car needs***Made a fort out of chairs and a ready-bed***Played with baking soda and vinegar, red food colouring and playdough***Talked about puberty (answering her questions)***Looked at Kiwi Conservation Club magazine and did the puzzles in it***Auditioned for a TV ad***Played with flour, water, milk, colours, detergent and milk*** Looked on the internet for the best way to make brown***

Art and Music

***Princess wrote and drew then presented a dance routine***Drew art for a postcard***Listened and danced to The Wiggles with Tombliboo***Entered and won a Dora Live drawing competition***Made tickets for us all to attend her dance show***Made a large cartoon frieze for J-Man’s room***Painted a picture of Mandy (from the Billy & Mandy tv show)***Made a “Night Garden” for Tombliboo’s Iggle-Piggle***Made a backpack out of paper and cellotape***Sung songs about her trip (to Grandma’s)***Made a birthday card for Uncle B***Made a boat for Tombliboo’s Iggle-Piggle***Made Upsy-Daisy’s bed (out of paper, tape and cardboard)***Made herself a pictorial list of things she will make for Tombliboo***Made 3D instruments (drums and piano) out of paper for Tombliboo’s Tombliboo toys***Made tickets for her pony carnival***Danced to a kid’s music CD***Made a card for Nana***Made a party with cousins, including invitations***Drew pictures with A (8)***Drew birds (in pencil) outside our house***Went to see the movie Mamma Mia with Mummy and brothers***Played and sculpted with Playdough***Made a picture of herself (cut out), complete with arms that bend so she can put her (also drawn) drink bottle in to her mouth***Made up a song to help her remember the order of the paints in the palette***Painted a picture, played for ages making new colours, especially brown***Wrote a teeny letter tooth Tooth Fairy***Sung a song about her day***Danced with Daddy***Drew a picture for Tombliboo***Listened to the radio as we played***Made shakers to have a parade***Sung nursery rhymes for Tombliboo***Drew a picture of a snail for Tombliboo***Played Singstar on the Playstation 2***Drew a picture of The Powerpuff Girls***Danced to The Wiggles with Mummy and Tombliboo***Wrote letters for Mummy, Daddy and J-Man***Went shopping with Daddy to choose new felts***Made a butterfly mobile from a craft kit***Watched Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3D concert***Made a family of butterflies (one for each of us)***Made a large picture of our family***Drew animals and cut them out to make a scene for a play***Drew a picture for Grandma and Poppy to take home***

Social and Health

***We visited with J (11), and M (9)***Princess talked to the mechanic before and after fixing our car***She talked to a courier who came to the door***Played Gameboy with J-Man (big brother)***Played chasing games with J-Man and Tombliboo***Watched Dora and Diego with Tombliboo***Watched Cartoon Network with Josh***Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks as a family***Picked J-Man up from the airport***Talked to the lady at McDonald’s***Had lunch at the mall, and played Chess with giant pieces (with Mum and brothers)***Got groceries with Mummy***Went to Rainbow’s End with a homeschool group***Went out for dinner with E and M9, and whole family***Went to see the Dora Live Show (at Trust Stadium, Henderson) with Mummy, Tombliboo and Z (5)***Put on a dance show for all of us to watch***Got up early and made me a salad, and cut up an apple, all by herself***Played ponies with J-Man***Danced to The Wiggles with Tombliboo***Helped Daddy with the dishes and Mummy with washing the floors***Carried a shopping bag all the way home because she thought I had enough to carry***Played on our geometric monkey bars***Played with her Ponyville ponies***Played Go Fish with Grandma***Helped me wash the windows***Our cousins P (9) and A (8) came to play…Princess mostly talked to P, but they also all played a chasing/hiding game, and with balls all together***Chased each other and blew bubbles***Had a birthday lunch for Great Nana, with all the Auckland family, including cousins J13, M11, P9 and A8***Chose DVD’s for her brothers***Talked to the neighbours***Walked alone from New World to Video Ezy to return DVD’s***Played outside on monkey bars and chasing with J-Man and Tombliboo***Walked to the library to return books***N and B18 months came to visit***Made a fort around the whole lounge***Made a train out of chairs for her and Tommy***A and J11 came to visit- Princess showed them her ponies and fossil, and played outside with the boys***Went to a Loony Tunes show at the mall***Talked about different diets***Had icecreams/sorbets at the mall***Played ponies with Mummy***

History and Geography

***Read the Rainbow’s End map to find the Log Flume***Drove to Kerikeri with Grandma and Poppy (and stayed for 5 days, first time)***Walked to the shop, pointing out landmarks along the way***Talked about when she was Tombliboo’s age***Went to Whangarei with Grandma, and Pihia with Grandma and Poppy***Drove home from Te Anau with Daddy***Visited the Auckland War Memorial Museum with Mummy, Tombliboo, Auntie Andrea, and cousins H8 and P9***Came with Mummy to wash the car and visit a new shopping place***Watched The Last Avatar: Legend of Ang***Walked around the neighbourhood with Mum and Tombliboo***Answered her questions about the houses we have lived in, how long we were in each, and how old she was when we moved***Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3***Went shopping with Mum- talked to a Chinese man about the new dumplings he was selling***Watched part of a documentary about dwarfs in Auschwitz***Looked through her 6 month baby clothes, and talked about how she had changed/grown, and what she remembers about being a baby***Tried to learn nothing all day on the International Learn Nothing Day***Played Around the World as a family***Wrote to our sponsored children and looked up on a map where they live (Uganda and Kenya)***Talked about umbrellas and how they are used in summer in Asia to keep the sun off (and pale faces, etc)***Watched part of a program about Antarctica***Watched part of a documentary about Japanese Samurai***Drew a picture of “the whole world”***Talked about Australian animals***Looked around the neighbourhood with binoculars***Looked at J-Man’s WoW atlas***Watched part of Waking Ned Devine (movie)***Noticed landmarks from home to Papakura, and from there to Ponsonby***Talked about the history of Rugby while watching the Bledisloe Cup with Daddy***Watched some of The Da Vinci Code with Mummy***Watched Class of 3000 and saw lots of American history***Looked at An Illustrated World History***Read bit of An Encyclopedia of People with Mummy***Took a bus for the first time in months, and remembered parts of the route***Looked at a book about Africa***Drew a picture of an African hut***

Catching Up (as usual)...

In the weekend I went to a Creative Memories (12-9pm) class. I was late, and expected to finish early with Tombliboo breastfeeding around half-hourly (or less…if I sit down, he is on me). He managed very well apparently, though he was very keen for “boobah” when we got home.

I was *sore*, as all breastfeeding (and once breastfeeding) mums will be able to imagine! I was in trouble when it looked like one enormous melon would satisfy him and the other was fit to burst. It was possibly the first time he has turned down the offer of some breastmilk.

I got heaps done- 15 pages actually…and I had a fabulous time. DH took the kids to a park for hours, and met up with some other unschooling friends (purely accidental), then went to visit Nana. They got home after dark, and he made dinner for the mall.

On Sunday, he and I spent over 2 hours cleaning the mould off our bathroom. We have a lot of trouble with mould in this house- unlike anything we have ever seen before. It has been this way from the beginning, but it is getting very boring 2 years later. Our newly cleaned and de-moulded bedroom had plenty more growing 3 weeks later! I’ve complained to the landlord and hope to hear of some sort of resolution soon (though it has been nearly 2 weeks already with no response other than “We’ve received your letter”).

We planned to visit N and B(20 months), but it was 3:30pm before we were starting to get ready to go…N said they could visit us the next day instead, so Princess and I went to the shops while Tombliboo stayed with the WoW-playing boys.

On Monday, N and B (20 months) came for the whole day- it was fantastic…I got so much done- N helped with a lot of the tidying. Our house, despite my seemingly near-constant effort, is usually a pigsty after the weekend. We were watching the little people playing with the sand and water table when N asked if she could weed my garden…crazy!

It took hardly any time at all with both of us working on it, and the children were perfectly happy joining in, or doing their own thing outside. I gave up too soon when Tombliboo got a load of sand in his eyes.

Tuesday, we walked to the shops to get groceries- our first “big shop” without a car…we got a lot less than usual, but it was still a lot to carry. J-Man noticed I was struggling with lots of bags and a sleeping Tombliboo in the sling, so took 2 off me. Princess was carrying a bag already having bought herself a music box- to replace the one J-Man had bought her years before which broke.

Wednesday, we had our day of filming. It was a long day, starting before 7am- we went with dh on his way to work, got dropped of at Nana’s and played there for the morning. The producer had changed my call-time, so the kids needed to be looked after for 90 minutes before they could come with me.

Nana took them all to the park, but when it stared to rain they went to a different park/beach where there was some shelter. J-Man went in the sea- he can’t help it…it’s always been this way for him, middle of winter, freezing cold, trousers on, and still he needs to get in. Tombliboo followed…naturally. Princess managed to stay relatively dry on the beach looking for shells.

Meanwhile, I was getting make-up done…which sounds exciting, except it was makeup to make me look exhausted, so not that cool after all. Well, it was interesting- but I wasn’t a sow’s ear turned in to a silk purse ;0)

I enjoyed my first ever day of working with a film crew, and the other 3 featured extras were great fun to be with. We had a lot of laughs, and all got on fabulously.

The kids did everything they were told…we had been a bit worried (well, I had been a lot worried) by a comment from the “big boss” to our agent, that they were “wilder” than the other children they were going to be filming. But, one crewman told me he thought they were brilliant- they were “the most polite and well-behaved kids” he had seen on set, and especially for such a long day.

I noticed other children who were on-set as extras complaining about being bored and cold, but mine coped with the lot and didn’t make any waves at all. It was a cold day, and the ad is set in summer- so it was jackets on in the off moments, then back off again when the cameras rolled.

One fascinating aspect was in a scene where they had a row of flame below the cameras- this was to mimic heatwaves! This was a big production, with so many people everywhere it was quite overwhelming. Very unusual for me to have so many people know my name, even if hardly any of them said it correctly :0)

The director was tickled by Princess’s American accent (some sort of throwback from tv watching and solitary play, we presume), and when she asked “Where are my dang chips?”…they all got the giggles, and said she belonged in a film crew.

When I was struggling to do a bit exactly right- over and over and over :0(…nearly-dark, slightly raining, lots of tired people wanting to get home, Princess offered to give me a giant jaffa if I got it right. I was really embarrassed, and my pride had already taken a beating looking at the footage of myself. It was a bizarre experience- the instructions seemed simple enough, and I could do it with ease in slow motion- but when it came to real-time, making the movements seem fluid and not contrived was far more difficult than I imagined.

There were difficulties with cameras, and various other things as well, but it always seemed that it was my fault…and I overheard a lot of muttering from the crowd that made me want to throw in the towel. I have big shoulders though, and pushed on. I don’t think the director got the exact bit of footage she was looking for, but whether out of pity for me or the team of extras, or knowing it would soon be dark and no more footage was possible…she called it a day.

It was an interesting day- a tiring one…both children fell asleep on the way home, though Tombliboo kept saying “Wake Up”, and even went as far as tipping his water bottle on J-Man. I thought I could probably have joined them.

I was very proud of my children…I wish *I* had got that one bit right, and also that I was chosen for an ad for reasons other than being overweight and looking like an unlikely candidate for the job. But I have been given lots of food for thought, and hopefully some inspiration to change my situation.

Not today though- today, I hurt in odd places from practicing the same scene with unused muscles over and over. But I’m still smiling, and while I may only watch the ad once- I will be glad to see how it turns out.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


It's getting harder and harder to maintain my blog (again)...mostly because right now J-Man is in to World of Warcraft again- so I am only getting little snippets of time on here. I can spend as long as I want in the mornings before he wakes up, but that isn't really how I like to use the computer...I'm more of a "chunk in the morning", and little splurts through the day, then "chunk at night"

We've bought parts for a second (grunty) computer, so it might be a little different from now on.

J-Man has got his main character up to level 53, and several other characters are getting higher and higher too. I love watching his passion for the game- it looks like it will never end...but then it has done many times beofre. He hasn't really touched the game for 6 months. There's an awful lot of learning going on when one plays WoW...typing, spelling, reading, maths, networking, social skills, geography- all manner of things one wouldn't really expect.

He's had a sleepover with his best friend J11, and J11 stayed here on Saturday night too. They get on so well. They used to occasionally have little spats, usually after being togehter just a teeny bit too long (I think), but there have been no issues whatsoever this year. I think J-Man is just that little bit older, and is now appreciating what a good friend J11 is.

Princess has been watching a tonne of tv...I'm a slow-learner really- I thought she was doing what she was most happy doing at the time, but recently I commented, "Honey- you've been watching TV for the entire there anything else you would like to do today?"

She lit up, and came up with 3 ideas- all involving time with me...and I began to wonder if Sky is just a substitute for what she would really like to be doing. Plenty for me to think about there.

Tombliboo is 21 months old today...he is a little darling. Right now he likes to pretend Swiper is coming to steal our stuff. It's very cute...and no sooner have we stopped Swiper in his tracks, but he is trying to steal something again! I love the way we can interact now, and have bits of conversation.

He is absolutely *not* interested in the potty/toilet right now. We have had "potty pauses" often enough, but this one seems different- he doesn't want to hear any *mention* of the potty even. Also, the "catches' we have always got (after sleeps, and when out) even through potty pauses are no more. Sadly, I am putting him in (reusable) nappies as often as he will allow it.

Still, I think (hope!) as with J-Man and Princess, there will come a time (not too far away hopefully) where he will want to keep undies dry. It is such a change for us, but I feel we are listening to what Tombliboo wants right now, and being as respectful of him as possible.

His other funny thing, is if I ask what his name is he says "Pain-a" (Panda) sends us all in to fits of giggles, because he is being very deliberate about it. Once when I asked him, he said his brother's name, and another time, I asked, "What's you name?" and he said "Dadda", then laughed. If I ask him to say his name, he gets a twinkle in his eye, and says "Panda". It's rather lovely. He has never said his name, though he will say other people's names. It is fun to have a little joke with him.

I remember when J-Man was a similar age...I had read you could have little jokes with toddlers, like pretending bowls are hats, or spades are spoons...I was doing this one morning with J-Man, as he ate his breakfast. He laughed and laughed, then picked up his bowl of cereal and threw it sideways, saying "rugby ball". It was a giant mess to clean up, but very funny :0)

We have all been sick, and are getting over it slowly. We sold our car....I had become unhappy with he amount of carbon emissions we were contributing- especially with such a big car (a people-mover, where we could fit in half of it). We are goign to attempt to live without a car through the week. We have full use of Hubby's company car in the weekends.

We can do this by using public transport, and also by living very close to loads of amenities. It works on many levels- better for the environment, Tombliboo's dislike of the carseat, my desire to be fitter, J-Man's preference for riding on buses, more economical (no insurance, half the amount of "petrol" money, no WOF, no registration costs, no servicing and maintenance). I'll probably be complaining about it before too long- but I am happy for now.

Our other big news is that J-Man, Princess and I will be filmed for a tv ad in a couple of weeks. Princess has done 3 ads, J-Man was filmed for a kids' show (paid with a Bionicle and a couple of small toys), but I've never done anything of the sort...and to be honest, I never thought I would- I'm just not tv material. It's fabulous for J-Man's confidence. At auditions you really only have a minute or 2 to show who you are. For Princess, that's easy. For J-Man, it takes more time.

We're all really chuffed about the opportunity. Daddy will take a day off work to look after Tombliboo, while we film. It will be nice for me to do something just with my "big" kids, and it will be quite a holiday for me (lol). I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the ad though (haha). It's a cause of a lot of discussion round here- mostly about how we will spend the (very generous) payment.

I've finished a month of "mind-mapping" in preparation for Princess's exemption from school, and will type it up soon and put it on here for those who are interested.

And now, I've stalled long enough- the house is in it's usual post-weekend (bombsite) state, and the washing machine won't go...I have a lot of work to do ;0)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So much I wanted to say, and no time. I've been getting sick all week (Tombliboo's been sick since Friday week ago), and Thursday it hit big-time. We went to a TV ad audition, and I wasn't sure I would be able to drive all the way home. Too sick to stop to get ingredients for dinner as I'd planned. Told dh I needed to get to bed, and waited for him to come. Couldn't wait any more, so at 6:15pm I hopped in to bed with Tombliboo (wide awake).

The next morning it was obvious I was in no state to look after 3 children, so dh took the day off work :0)

For a minute I was ecstatic (as well as being horribly unwell) at the idea that I might be able to finish my book. But that wasn't to be, since my eyes hurt too much being open. I could manage a couple of minutes on an addoku
I was finding the "extreme" ones a sore trial, and they have now morphed in to "deadly"...that is- I am trying to do Deadly Killer Suduko's with a splitting head, sore ears, sore throat, nose that won't make up it's mind if it wants to run or stay blocked, and eyes that ache with the slightest amount of light. Not easy when one can only look at he clues for 2-3 minutes.

Anyway, today I feel much better, not right by any stretch, but much better- ready to carry on as usual (well, I was yesterday too- though I had two teary spells, not at all like me!).

Sadly, J-Man is now unwell, and staying in bed with a fever. Princess has a sore throat, but nothing else has hit her so far. Tombliboo is happier now, but not completely right.

dh thinks he already had it but only in a very mild form- while all of us are relatively sick-free, he is more so.

I did get to read my book eventually, and read far too long. Then last night could easily have read for another 2 hours, but at 1am called it a day...will finish tonight probably, though I really ought to make it last 2 or 3 more nights and catch up a bit on some sleep.