Sunday, March 7, 2010

A day in the life of us...

I keep forgetting to write in here- mostly it's because our camera went awol for 2 weeks, and I don't like reading blogs without photos!

I don't really have time today to write here, but that seems to be when I get the most done- so here goes...

Today began at 6:30am for Tombliboo (3.25 yrs) and I...he is waking later- this is good news for me, because I don't like getting up when it's dark, but mostly because I am trying to night-wean him. He hasn't had "boobah" at night for 5 days now.

This does not mean he is not waking at night, though I hope it will soon. We discuss "boobah" in the night- we share sleep, and we snuggle in the night. I hold him in my arms and tell him he can have boobah in the morning (by that I mean 5am, which is not really morning at all). It feels really mean to me one one level, but on another, I just know it is time.

For one thing, I am really tired. I think there gets to be a time with a night-waking infant that you can't get any more tired, and I got there about 3 years ago, but haven't recovered. Tombliboo has always been the worst sleeper of any child I have yet heard of. He woke 1-2 hrly from 2 months old, and has continued the pattern to today...or at least, to recently when I asked that he not feed at night.

The other thing is that he recently went away for 3 nights with his Dad and siblings, and I didn't get sore. Not one little teeny bit- which let me know that for all the feeding (half-hourly through the day) my darling Tombliboo is drinking air.

But last week, I started to get annoyed at every little thing anyone was despicable, and I thought to myself- if I could change one thing about my life to make it better- what would it be? I need sleep. 11pm-5am with 3-4 wakings a night for 3 years is not enough sleep for me.

If you're tired and reading this and think it's a great idea for you, please remember Tombliboo is 39 months old. I am also on my own with 3 children, and working 16 hours a week. I get 2 hours without children a week. But that would not matter if he were under 2- babies need boobah, regardless of the time of day.

SO, the cool thing about starting today at 6:30am, is that Tombliboo slept from 11pm- he woke around 3am and asked for boobah, I reminded him he could have it in the morning and right now we needed to sleep. He protested half-heatedly, and tried to help himself, I turned him round so his back was to my tummy, and we went back to sleep...or he did, I don't think I slept until I extricated my arm 2 or 3 hours alter.

After his morning feed, I set him up with a movie so I could sneak back to bed- this isa wodnerufl trick I only just thought of...only not really, because he lieks me to watch with him, or will come and ask me a million things and it doesnt; really mean any erst- only this morning it did! Until the phone rang at 7:30am (wrong number)...and I remembered I am expecting a courier, and it doesn't do to arrive at hte door dishevelled and half-asleep.

I won an amazing prize package to the Auckland Cup Week. I just knew I woud win since I didn;t want it. It is 10 tickets to a gourmet lunch in the hospitality section. it is a very fancy affair, and not my thng at is $135 + GST a ticket. I will take J-Man and maybe Princess, though that might be pushign it, and Tombliboo will spend the afternoon with his Dad (hopefully, though not confirmed). A few friends will come, and I hope to sell some of the tickets as well, to cash in on the prize.

The lunch is amazing. You can see the menu by clicking on Champions Club from this link.

J-Man and Princess woke late after a big day out at the BFM Summer Series Concert yesterday. We didn't get home until 9pm, but it felt like midnight after a day in the sun.

We met up with friends there, and it was a lot of fun. But The Mint Chicks (only band I had heard of) were amazing. I only knew one of their songs, Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! but I love it.

It's the only one of their songs remotely mainstream, as far as I can tell- but it was a lot of fun. My friend's hubby watched the kids in the fenced (B-card only) area, while we went in the mosh pit.

After I went back to check on the kids, after I heard that one song I loved- it got all exciting, with the lead singer climbing on some scaffolding and then up on to the marquee! It was very cool...he lay there, on top of a tent, and kept singing!

So, back to today- the kids slept in. I need to catch up on all the big jobs I usually do on Sunday- mostly picking up every little thing so I can sweep and wash floors properly....which I also haven't begun yet, since I'm writing here, and did my Monday jobs (bathroom/toilet/table/washing).

So, Princess (7) has been looking through my clothes wondering when she will be as tall as me- not long, I guess since I'm really short and her dad is 6"3'. Currently she is making up a little chair from a Kitkat flyer we got at the concert.

Tombliboo has been watching Curious George, and is now playing a game with counting teddies- they re all talking to each other and to some plastic animals.

J-Man (11) is talking to a friend in LA on xbox while he plays demos- including DigDug (!) which he hasn't played since he was 4.

It's 10:30am and we have already discussed dress code, gambling rules, growth and height, seeds, acorns, energy, patterns and eggs, and the kids have only been up 90 minutes, and I have been somewhat out-of-action playing catch-up on the messy house and on here. This is why it pays to record the days you think nothing is happening, and nothing is likely to happen due to busy-ness.

I will aim to add more through the day, and some photos when I find the cable...