Saturday, August 2, 2008


So much I wanted to say, and no time. I've been getting sick all week (Tombliboo's been sick since Friday week ago), and Thursday it hit big-time. We went to a TV ad audition, and I wasn't sure I would be able to drive all the way home. Too sick to stop to get ingredients for dinner as I'd planned. Told dh I needed to get to bed, and waited for him to come. Couldn't wait any more, so at 6:15pm I hopped in to bed with Tombliboo (wide awake).

The next morning it was obvious I was in no state to look after 3 children, so dh took the day off work :0)

For a minute I was ecstatic (as well as being horribly unwell) at the idea that I might be able to finish my book. But that wasn't to be, since my eyes hurt too much being open. I could manage a couple of minutes on an addoku
I was finding the "extreme" ones a sore trial, and they have now morphed in to "deadly"...that is- I am trying to do Deadly Killer Suduko's with a splitting head, sore ears, sore throat, nose that won't make up it's mind if it wants to run or stay blocked, and eyes that ache with the slightest amount of light. Not easy when one can only look at he clues for 2-3 minutes.

Anyway, today I feel much better, not right by any stretch, but much better- ready to carry on as usual (well, I was yesterday too- though I had two teary spells, not at all like me!).

Sadly, J-Man is now unwell, and staying in bed with a fever. Princess has a sore throat, but nothing else has hit her so far. Tombliboo is happier now, but not completely right.

dh thinks he already had it but only in a very mild form- while all of us are relatively sick-free, he is more so.

I did get to read my book eventually, and read far too long. Then last night could easily have read for another 2 hours, but at 1am called it a day...will finish tonight probably, though I really ought to make it last 2 or 3 more nights and catch up a bit on some sleep.


Lynn said...

Hope you are all fit and well soon.xx

Colleen said...

Oh, that stinks! There's something going around here too but so far we've managed to avoid it. I hope you all feel better soon!