Friday, July 25, 2008

Princess lost her first tooth!

It hung on longer than I thought it would, but it came out yesterday! She was so excited, and amazed at how big a gap such a teeny little thing left.

She has asked all kinds of questions about the Tooth Fairy, and it;s really hard to tell if she believes it or not...but she wants to believe it! So, I am every bit as excited as she is. She got busy writing a note to accompany the tooth under her pillow, and spent a long time finding the perfect way to wrap the tooth.

I left her a little note in reply, with $2 in a tiny envelope...she commented that since it was such a good tooth, and her very first one- it was probably worth $10...I (and the Tooth Fairy) had a good giggle over that one!

I was out this morning when she woke up,and she came bursting from the house to tell me there was actually a note left behind from the Tooth Fairy!

Secretly, I think she fully expected one (after reading Dear Tooth Fairy), but it was fun to do. I tried (quite pitifully considering the hour I made it) to disguise my writing, but she must know...she's not letting on though, very caught up in the magic of it all- and wishing she has caught a glimpse of the glowing fairy...and trying to work out when her next tooth might come out.

As for me, I'm chuffed for her, and also reminded she won't be little forever.

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