Saturday, July 5, 2008


We went to see Prince Caspian...we loved it!

Afterward we were going to go to a Hangi, but we arrived late, and they had started early- so we missed it! Apparently it wasn't a real Hangi anyway- so we will savour that experience at a later date.

We went to Oporto for lunch instead, then to visit friends- J-Man saw J11- for the first time since his birthday. They had a fabulous time, with another friend we hadn't seen for ages M9.

Tombliboo (19 months) was a menace, and I thought we needed to disappear pretty quickly- then hatched a plan...dh picked J-Man up after work, so I took the little ones home, and allowed him to have a big, long play with J11. As is always the case with these two, they wanted t oarrange a sleepover.

Normally, they go back and forth on that one, because neither really wants to stay over, they want the other one to come to their place. But, after 2 successful sleepovers with Jerry, J-Man was happy to stay.

It couldn't work though, with the the car in at the mechanic the next day- so we have booked it in for next week...and both boys are very happy about that.

J-Man and Princess spent many happy hours that evening ,and the next day playing gameboys side by side.

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