Saturday, July 19, 2008


We had a family lunch yesterday for (Great) Nana's birthday...the kids enjoyed being with their cousins, then M11 came back to stay with us as planned...and Princess went to stay with P9 and A8 spontaneously- with nothing on her but the clothes she was wearing. She was delighted :0)

M11 and J-Man had a proper WoW time, staying up until 3am, and getting up and back in to it fairly quickly after pancakes for breakfast.

I was thinking I would add that (as I kinda supposed) Princess would put her interest in reading on the back-burner, since that was how it seemed...but she just read a small book to me now, and I observed that without any practise (that I'm aware of) she was quicker at deciphering new words.

As though there wasn't enough washing I needed to do today, dh noticed the box of 6 month baby clothing had been upended in our leaky garage, and was water-logged. There was also a mouldy box of linen, which I will sort through and wash. And yet another box of books that looked like they would be ruined. Luckily, all but 2 were salvageable, and we also foudn J'-Man's Capsela construction building toys. Princess has had a lot of fun with those.

I sat down with her to show her a Pyramid card game, seeing as it appears to me that our exemption mind map is light on Numeracy (lol)...she observed for a minute or so, then picked all the cards up,m and announced, "I have a better idea".

We built card-houses together...I remember (a very long time ago) doing just that with my brother on a cold, wet, school holiday. J-Man joined in, and was chuffed to find he could make them as well as I can.

Tombliboo(20 months) is hugely interested in sharks and crocodiles ("crocka"). We have spent time watching You Tube videos about them, and he plays with toy sharks and crocodiles...sometimes they kiss each other, which is very cute- usually they bite each other, or he (the ferocious toddler) will bite *them*!

We're looking forward to a quiet night in, folding washing no doubt, and keeping warm. I've been reminded anew how much *time* school takes. Not just the 6 hours every weekday...but the time *getting ready* for school. The need to get an early night the day before school gets back, and reorganise the bags, etc.

I remember it well, including the dreariness of knowing the "jig's nearly up". Our very adorable cousin M11 has asked if he could please come here every 3 rd weekend, and maybe stay every 6th. I could fill a whole post on the sweet things this kid says, but I have to record this one.

J-Man (as I'm setting Tombliboo up with a DVD), "Oh no Mum, please not *more* Dora!"

M11, "J- you don't understand what it's like to be your Mum! Being a mother is really hard work- she needs to be able to get a break so she can do all the other stuff that needs doing."

Bless him :0)

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Rana said...

How sweet is that, at 11 years old he gets it. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.