Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rainbow's End!

We'd been waiting for the longest time, and the day finally arrived..complete with dodgy weather, and a trucker's protest over petrol taxes. We visited Rainbow's End with several other homeschooling (and some unschooling) families. Daddy came too, as requested by Princess who, along with Tombliboo, had never been to a fun park.

You can't tell from the photo, but Tombliboo loved the Carwash Convoy and didn't want to get out of the truck. The ride-operators were amused...every time we went near him, he re-closed the door, and so they let him go around and around and around.

J-Man went off with Daddy to go on the rollercoaster (Corkscrew), and he got very upset with himself for still being too scared to try the Power Surge. Daddy was very understanding, and said it was no problem at all- J-Man could just wait and watch him go. Daddy got himself on to the ride, and looked up to see J-Man had joined him! J-Man loved the ride so much, it became his favourite and he ride it at least 8 times.

I had no interest in going on it, but he really wanted me to- so I couldn't refuse. It was terrifying! I screamed nearly the whole time. Then, we went on the rollercoaster together (twice), and J-Man wanted to go on the Power Surge again before going back to the others. I wasn't keen, didn't feel well, and thought I could possibly be sick. I'm not normally a person who vomits, but I thought it was a mild possibility.

We got to sit across from some friends, and I didn't scream at all...that was because I was certain I would throw up, and I was trying my darndest not to have it happen all over our friends!

I felt very green afterward, but wasn't sick...I felt awful for a good 2 or 3 hours after though, and declined any further (rough) rides.

Princess loved the Carousel more than anything else...

Though the Dragon was a close second...

J-Man indulged Tombliboo's desire to try out everything. Princess thought the Jumpin' Star looked "boring, and just plain weird".

The Rocket Ships (in the Cadburyland little kids' area) were fun for the little ones, but a bit blaze for J-Man.

Tombliboo didn't want to get out of his ship, and we realised after a while that the reason was because he wanted to go to sleep!

We all had a game of Mini Golf, which was won by Daddy- a bit of a foregone conclusion really- but the kids wanted to play :0)

Tombliboo liked searching for balls, and dropping them in the holes. We had to change his pants for the first time- not because he'd peed in them- after jumping in puddles, he decided to sit in one!

Daddy went on the Fear Fall with our friends E and M9, and it looked so easy (or at least- quick!) I thought I would try too...but didn't make it.

We waited patiently for them to finish, then went on the Log Flume together. After the Log Flume we did the Bumper Boats, which was a tonne of (wet-bottomed) fun

J-Man went with E and M9 to Cinema 180 while I stayed with the littlies, and Daddy went on the Bumper Boats, and back on the Power Surge.

J-Man and M9 went on the rollercoaster together, with E and I in the next cart. That was fun. They announced it was the last ride of the day, so I got them to hold-off while I swapped places with dh so he could have one more turn.

We were heading for the exit, and decided to stop at the Power Surge one last time. M9, who had been adamant she would not be going on it, changed her mind and went with J-Man...though she said she wouldn't go again.

Our perfect day was finished off with dinner at our favourite family restaurant, Gengy's, with our friends deciding (spontaneously) to join us. They came home with us afterward as well, and we all enjoyed further friendly, relaxing time together.

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Colleen said...

Oh, this makes me miss you guys so much! Jerry will be sorry he missed out on power surge--I'm right there with you though. I was sure I would throw up before the ride was over and I will NEVER NEVER go on a ride like it again!!