Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm off to buy a Lotto ticket!

I practically never buy Lotto tickets, but last week I won tickets to the races (I think probably worth $200 each), and this week (blow me down!, but!) I won another prize.

A Diego backpack for Tombliboo, with a Diego duvet cover set inside, and a Diego hooded towel and a Diego DVD!

I don't normally win anything, so it is quite amazing, and they say these things come in threes, lol.

We've had a lot of fun this week, mostly with tidying the hosue for a landlord inspection...kinda stressful, but really good now that's it's over. We have a very tidy house this weekend (apart from a giant pile of Lego and another giant pile of wooden blocks in the lounge), so we can actually enjoy the weekend instead of cleaning all the time.

We also had fun out with J and J2- playing at thier place, going to McDonald's for lunch, and then to watch J2 get his hair cut. He is 2 months younger than Tombliboo, but has waaaaaay more hair. All my chidlren have bene baldies, but Tombliboo is the baldest- he is only just starting to have hair long enough to tickle his ears. Babies are usually born with more hair than my little guy...but I am officially glad...ebcause getting a 2 year old's haircut is no fun!

Actually, it wasn't that bad...but it *could* have been! The hairdresser was very nice and not flustered about the 6 of us arriving with one small wriggly boy, and she had a dvd player set up to play Bob the Builder. J9 had taken organic lollipops to distract J2, and it all went very well indeed. Still, it's easier not going. Princess has only had one haircut in her life, and that was started by her- aged 4, a giant mess, so I finished it it off.

Our friends N and A5 came to visit, and we really enjoyed that. The kids found a praying mantis by the trampoline, and that enthralled them for quite some time. They got busy making him a habitat, and then found him a friend as well.

I took the little ones to a Storytime at the library on Wednesday, where they were the only children there- Tombliboo popped in and out, preferring to sit and the computer and pretend to type. They made neat little frogs afterward, and then we went to the supermarket. Meanwhile, J-Man was attending a science class designed for older homeschooled children, and supposedly all hands-on with no writing...that wasn't the case this week, but he didn't seem particularly bothered about it. He spent the rest of the day with his best friend J12.

One of the days we were doing so much tidying ,adn hte kids were relaly trying veyr hard to help, so I said we would ahve pizza delivered for lunch...we've never done that beofre, and it seemed like such a luxury- the chidlren especially thought it was a gigantic buzz.

I've been meat-free for a fortnight, not with any particular goal in mind, just that I think we shoudl al leat less meat, and I am not bothered by not having any. I find it hard to think of what to have instead sometimes, but I'm doing pretty well...I have discovered two things that I feel are important (lol) with only tomato paste, onion and mozarella is superb, and by no means a poor-second to meat pizzas. I think even if I decide to have meat again, I would prefer it, since I don't like the idea of all those nitrates in the processed meats. I also find I have to drink gallons al lnight long form the saltiness of pizzas with meat.

The other thing is that homemade burgers needn't contain meat...mine with aioli, lettuce, tomato, cucmber, beetroot, onion, mushrooms and cheese was superb.

The only real problem with this sort of diet is that I find I am eating more cheese, and more wheat...I could adjust that I suppose but it seems harder.

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