Monday, March 2, 2009


PS to last post...Actually, I've just remembered Princess did read a little book a few days ago. It was a very basic book, but one she hadn't seen before, and she did read every word- including many she didn't "know' and had to decipher. It was really cool actually, because when she put it down and moved away, Tombliboo (2.25 yrs) picked it up and pretended to read as well.

Tombliboo loves to look at books, but seems to dislike my reading them...especially if I am reading to Princess. A few nights ago, we read together in bed, and he wanted to go well after I was exhausted. He eventually read by himself next to me for a bit, then rolled over and went to sleep. He slept for 5 hours! I tried to replicate that experience last night, but it didn't give the same results, alas.

Two nights ago, he kept insisting, "I need a bread-man...I need a bread-man!" We worked out he meant a gingerbread Man, and said we would make some in the morning. He was not placated though, so J-Man made him this bread man (which I thought was really cool)...

We did make them in the morning, and when I left the room for a teensy second (to put a teatowel in the washing machine) I came back to find he had 1. eaten the head off one of the (uncooked) gingerbread men, 2. Eaten the leg off another, 3. covered himself in flour, 4. poured all the rest of the flour over the rest of the uncooked dough, and 5. thrown the bits all round the kitchen.

When he woke up this morning, he said, "I need Pringles". I explained we don't have any, and he beamed, "We buy a shop!"

He said, "I need a go pee a toilet- I don't pee in a bed!" which is a lot of words really, though he says similar things all the time now.

He just watched a tv program and as it was finishing announced ,"Time a Frank(l)in", which it was...and after Franklin, "Time a Iggle-Piggle"...demonstrating that he knows the order of the television programmes.

He has started lining things up, like J-Man used to do. He is very deliberate about it, and then puts them away! Mostly he doesn't put things away, just makes messes...but sometimes he is very careful about putting things back exactly right. It's wonderful :0)

I couldn't find him the other day, and here he was (doing a puzzle)...

He also loves to take photos with our digital camera...he takes some doozies but he occasionally takes a goodie, or on Sunday- a really goodie!

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