Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My first ever blog award

Looks like it is not an award so much as an invitation to give some more awards out myself, and add some more details about me...but it is nice to have friends :0)

Thanks Shady Lady! We both have a Princess, and they both love pink (lol)...are there any Princesses who don't? (Well I didn;t, but I never thought about princesses either, lol- I was far more of a tomboy).

The rule for accepting the Kreativ Blogger Award is to list 7 things I love, then pass the award along to 7 blogs that I love....here goes...

1. I love my children...well that goes without saying I guess since I have chosen to have them with me nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week :0) But I do love them, almost achingly, I can't describe it- other parents wil lknow...and yet, not all will understand the depths. I love children in general, but I love my three like nothing else.

2. I love to read...anything at all really, but I never know quite what to read. I chose a book from the library recently, trying to branch out (introduce new authors), adn my number one criteria for choosing the book was that I liked the cover...that seems an odd reason to choose a book, and turns out it was an odd book! Well, the kind of reading I imagineI would expect to find in a Mills and Boon book (which I have never read), and I am still surprised it was on the ordinary fiction shelf!

3. I love movies...I've watched a truckload. I prefer romantic comedies above all else, but I lvoe dramas too, and I'm fairly game for anything...except I don;t liek horrors, and I always wonder what made me agree to thrillers as wel...I don't like action, I really don't like watching looong sex scenes (an inference is enough detail...I mean isn't it voyeurism otherwise??) and sci-fi has to be really well done for me to consider it...ok, I'm not that game for anything. We are Fatso members atm, and so I am being fed a diet of primarily Scooby-Doo with some Barbie and Lunar Jim thrown in.

4. I love chocolate and Coke...I wish I didn't, but I do.

5. I love Packrat...it's this really cool game on Facebook, and I play it every day- for a minute or two *heaps* of times a day. Even better for me, is that now Princess loves it too...she gets as excited as I do about new (and retired) cards, good trades, and some of the other aspects of the game. It's a very addictive game, but one that fits my life well- I am not a sit-and-play-for-hours-on-end type of gal. There are over 60000 people playing, and I am in the top 25 for points! I'm really proud of that- but it could be a testimony to the fact that a) I play too much, or b) I took forever to work out what the point ofthe game was :0)

6. I love my friends. I've got heaps of *really* good friends...really, really good friends. I have too many really to do them all justice time-wise, but they seem to understand that I am not much good at initiating contact (it's not that I don't want to, just that life is busy). I like to think I am special because of the people who are my friends- that somehow being a friend to so many super-cool people, I am super-cool myself.

7. I love my husband. He drives me nuts some days, and we have really struggled to keep things together almsot since the start. In hindsight, we probably married *far* too young (we bwere both 21 years old)...I don't think either of us really considered what we wanted in a life-partner. I know I didn't. I knew he loved kids, and so did I- and he was nice to me. It seemed enough. It probably wasn't, but somehow we are getting there, there is always hope, and I think we will make it in the end (13 years married so far).

And now, announcing the winners (lol)... I would like to give a Kreativ Blogger Award to

Colleen, my special LA friend who is seriously funny (in a good way), and the mother of the boy J-Man called his siamese twin.

Johanna, my friend who knows soooo much about everything, my first port of call when I am struggling with something to do with radical unschoolign or being green (and is really nice to boot).

Schuyler, who plays scrabble with me, and usually whips me, and is raising children respectfully, and has helped me immensely with kiddo issues, and I sincerely hope will one day move (or at least visit) New Zealand.

I can't really think of anyone else atm, so out of the habit of reading blogs am I :0)


Johanna Knox said...

Hi Lishelle - thank you very much!!! Gosh, we need to catch up properly sometime - not just in comments sections of blogs!!
xxxxxxx Johanna

Shady Lady said...

I love to read, too. I did a post on my blog asking for book suggestions. You should check it out. Maybe you'll find some ideas.


I love your blog!!