Saturday, March 21, 2009


Already a month has gone by since my last Creative Memories workshop...that went fast! I couldn't get photos printed since the computer has died (again! Does anyone know of *anyone* who's computer dies as often as our's?). I'm hoping dh will work some magic and I won't have lost the last 3 months worth of photos and videos, but it doesn't look good.

This is apparently my fault because he told me to back it up- but I told him to do so since I never get to it, and I can't even find a cd with nothing on it. But that doesn't wash. If something goes wrong it is my fault, if something goes right it usually has nothing to do with, I'm only joking, sort of.

So, dh was to have the kiddos for the day while I was out working on my photos. He decided on a whim to look up if there was an airshow today, since he had seen a fighter jet doing a loop-de-loop when he was in West Auckland yesterday.

There was, so I scurried about organising lunch and sacks and sunhats and sunscreen (compeltely natural) and money the camera and drinks and a spare change of clothes for Tombliboo for them to take. We are still in the stage of taking spare undies and shorts for Tombliboo (28 months) but never need them...only I know (from past experience) that the day I don't take them, I will need them!

J-Man didn't want to go, which was no surprise- and I could see in advance how it would be- he would sulk all the way, but eventually loosen up and enjoy it. Ad he would tell me later it was "Awesome" or some other glowing adjective. No amount of telling him this would make the mood change, as I also know from past experience, and I saw clearly that from his pov he was being goaded in to something he didn't want to do. I apologised to him that he was being made to go somewhere he didn't want to go to, and commented about how hard it was sometimes to keep 5 people happy.

He also doesn't like having something like this thrown on him with no warning- I can understand that. I don't really like it either, but it is not often that dh is spontaneous, and this was very important for him. If his sight had been a bit better, he probably would have become a pilot at some stage.

Princess wasn't overly keen, but she loves to go out, and she loves being with her Daddy. Tombliboo just fits in for the most part.

I got dropped off at my class, and the consultant chatted to dh for a bit while I got set up. She came in and announced that my husband was taking his three (three!, she shouted) children to the Whenuapai Air Show Today. "He takes them all over the place", she said, "He really is fantastic". I thought so too, and I thought about how little I tell him so, or even think it. I thought about how often I have moaned that he takes the kids, but he doesn't get anything organised to do so...that seems silly really. So, he's not big on organisation- he takes his children out so I can have a break, and that is more than many men do. A lot more.

I had a great time with my photos...didn't get much done, but enjoyed it all the same. The plane dh particularly wanted to see wasn't being shown until an hour after my class had finished, but I had my book so I didn't mind. They didn't arrive until 2.5 hrs after my class because of the time it took to leave the carpark, but I was having blast with my Coke and licorice and a good book. I haven't read for that long in...goodness! When was the last time I read for 2.5hrs?

Naturally they had all had a great time. I haven't heard too much about it yet, but the short summary went like this...

J-Man...It was amazing! So cool! We had a great time!

Princess...It was great! I wanted the to make a heart and they did- I just knew they would!

Tombliboo...Planes a really loud, really loud!


Shady Lady said...

Looks like it was a fun day for all! I miss's been YEARS. Love the face painting, too...very cool!

Ruth said...

So nice you got the day doing what you wanted to do. J Man's face looks soo funny! Half animal, half human...