Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Day at the Zoo

We got buy-one-get-one-free vouchers, so headed off to the zoo for a special day out.

We stopped off to get hot chips, and took them to a park- where some chickens really wanted to join in.

The zoo was see so many interesting things. You also see ugly being ugly to parents, parents being ugly to kids, kids being ugly to each other.

Some of it is too much to bear, and I find I am needing to shield Tombliboo's eyes, or Princess' ears.

We got to see the elephants being moved to a hill...we were really close- that was cool!

J-Man had decided to take his notebook in and record how many animals he saw. I thought he would give up after a few minutes and I'd be carrying the notebook- but he persisted until the end- he saw a total of 111 animals today.

We saw some really adorable things. The tamarinds for instance...too cute! Tombliboo said, "Too cute! Like me, Mama!"

But nothing was more adorable than watching a (teeny) baby meerkat breastfeeding! was brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

dh called us over because we were "missing something"...giant tortoises mating. Nothing looks quite as uncomfortable as that...the female was so much smaller, and therefore younger, and really didn't look to be having any fun at all. It took the male 10 minutes to get off her when he was done. He might have been over 150 years old, lol.

I can't believe he actually took a video, lol- at least it is short :0) Nope, it won't upload for some reason- tried twice, might another time :0)

We had water to drink, homemade biscuits, and apples and pears whenever we were was a really neat day, finished off nicely with pizza on the way home.

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Colleen said...

I love the picture of the meerkats!! How sweet. :)