Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We're Baa-aack!

I'm really hoping to write a truckload in here about our last few weeks (2 of which were spent away from a computer), but things are too busy just at the moment.

Suffice it to say we are all well and happy, had a fabulous Christmas (as usual) and are enjoying having Ben (dh/Dad) home for the longest time ever.

Oh, darn it- now I've started it...I can't stop!

Or perhaps I will just add a mention here that I am growing vegetables! I planted them, and they should have grown and all- but still it seems surprising :0)

The look on Tomy's face the first time he pulled up (what he probably thought was a weed, and turned out to be) a carrot was simply camera on-hand unfortunately, but I wonder if he will be just as incredulous the next time.

I've learned a fair bit one courgette seed makes a tonne of courgettes, whereas one beetroot seed only makes one beetroot.

Last night we ate beetroot, courgettes and carrots from my garden- hooray! But it also gave me a hint as to how much we will need to be growing to actually feed our family...all the beetroot I grew will probably only do two nights. Still, there was a lot of wastage since Princess planted the seeds, and wasn't worried about how close together they were.

I've got some potatoes which seem to be doign everything right...the plant next to this one looked great so I pulled it up to find the world's teeniest potatoes. I think I'll pull the other one up for J-Man's birthday this month...he's turning 10...I can't believe it!

He's still trying to decide what he wants to do on the day, but picked his presents yesterday (3 PSP games)...I am to wrap them in a huge box filled with polystyrene balls (lol).


SabrinaT said...

Glad you had a good holiday! Oh, I want a garden so much...

Ruth said...

Nice surprise when your garden works eh! So happy for you.

Colleen said...

Hooray! You're blogging again! :)