Sunday, January 25, 2009

J-Man is 10!

Our gorgeous boy is now 10 years old...where did that time disappear?

He said he had the "best day ever...well, apart from one of course"...that's the day he was born, nothing compares to that :0)

It started quite late, which was good- gave me some time to go to the shop for last-minute supplies, and blow up the balloons.

He had been very specific about how his present was to be...a large box, wrapped and filled with polystyrene balls (removed from a beanbag!).

He had chosen the psp games he wanted for his birthday, and tried hard to forget which ones he had picked.

We added a few other edible goodies for him, and he loved it.

J-Man helped us all tidy the (bomb-site) house, while we ate hash browns, and we were rushing like crazy because J12 was due over at 3pm, and J-Man and I had decided to see a movie together (just us) before that.

His request this year was for a cheesecake, and had considered the possibility of edible icing, but decided he would rather have the money spent on other things.

I made that cheesecake in the biggest hurry ever, but it turned out beautifully...we went to see Bolt 3D- very enjoyable, though I fell asleep...I don't think I have ever been to an afternoon movie and *not* fallen asleep. It was lovely to be alone together, and I tried hard to think of when the last time we went to a movie *just us* was...and I rather think there was only one other time...we saw Monsters Inc together just before J-Man turned 3!

We ate his favourite things...natural licorice, non-msg sour cream and chives chips and drank frozen Coke. Meanwhile, dh was off getting a WoW picture laminated to put on the cake, and picking up J and M's x-box.

Tombliboo went to sleep, so they went home, leaving J-Man and I to catch a bus home...that was even more time together, and utter bliss :0)

We got home about 10 minutes before J12 arrived. The boys got busy on x-box, and Gamemaker Pro, and stayed at that all night. They went out with dh to choose more games, and get pizza for dinner.

We didn't get to the cake until around 10pm, and J-Man hugged me so hard because he thought it was amazing! (Woot!...oh, apparently I don't sound good saying "Woot", and should say "yippee"'s more me, according to J-Man).

I went to bed with Tombliboo not long after that, and when I came out to the study in the morning, here was J-Man...

Happy Birthday J-Man!

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Johanna Knox said...

Oh my gosh - happy birthday to him!!!!!!