Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm always hopeless at spotting "connections' as people like to talk about on unschooling lists, but had a beauty yesterday.

It started with Tombliboo (2 years 2 months) watching Little Einsteins (repeatedly) for several hours...this boy watches more dvd's than any 2 year old I have ever heard of. I do have moemnts of worry, but mostly I can see he is developing veyr well, and I'm perfectly content watchign him choose how he will spend each day.

So, it got to a bit where one of the little people said in a very cutesy voice, "Can you say 'metamorphosis'."

I was trying to be involved, so repeated back, "Metamorphosis", with my toddler chiming in.

J-Man (just turned 10) looked shocked, and asked, 'Don't you know what metamorphosis means Mum?"

Lol, "Yes, Darling- I know what it you?"

"Yeah- of course I do", he answered. I was surprised at this- I donlt think I came across the term until at least intermediate (11, 12 years), or maybe even high school...I was pretty sure i had never used the term, or remembered it coming up in our day-to-day lives.

I was intrigued, so I asked him if he remembered how he leanred it.

"Sure- it was on World of Warcraft...Metamorphosis in one of the abilities of Warlocks" there you have it- yet asnother random thing learned byu plaing an online game.

Later that night, as I read The Witches to Princess (surely one of the bonuses of being a your favourite childhood books), the second chapter we read was entitled "Metamorphosis"...see the connection? (I'm not's just that I normally miss them, but this one was so glaring!).

She asked what it meant, and had a good idea by the end of hte chapter...then commented, "Of course a bowl can have metamorphosis".

OK, that's a stretch, but I listened...

"Yes", she continued," A bowl can turn in to a hat...and a pretty good one if you like that sort of hat."

I love watching my children learn...can you tell?


Noix_coco said...

Yeeeeees they learn even when we don't realise it...that's the beauty ;-)

Colleen said...

Aw! She's so clever! I love the bowl becoming a hat. :)