Sunday, January 18, 2009

ThiNk GoOd ThoUghTs

It's about time I lost some weight...fairly very grossed out by my flabby tummy (and arms, and legs, and everything).

Maybe grossed out enough (at last) to actually try to get rid of it, and have that resolve last more than 3 days?

I hope so.

To kick start things, I'm going to be quite tough and try to eat practically nothing "naughty" today (all week, hopefully)...that is, I will be eating a lot of vegetables today (without cheese, lol).

I began "wogging" this week...that's a mixture between jogging and walking, but for me it's mostly walking. I've never been in to running- sprinting is fun, but running...boooooooring.

My first jaunt was quite fun- I don't get a lot of time by myself, and I enjoyed the quiet. I ran as far as I could, which sadly- was not veyr far (maybe 500m??). I could have run further, but I was bored- that's the problem, it seems so pointless.

Then I mostly walked, but landed at a beach neaar our home, which was quite wonderful actually.

But the next outing, J-Man came with me! That was infinitely better- not boring at all, bliss.

He looked set to not be able to keep up, and was wheezing and moaning very early into it...but then totally pulled through. We didn;t run as much as I might have liked, but it was so sopecial just to have that time alone with him, both getting the exercise we desperately need.

The last (and only) time I lsot a lot of weight (19kg), J-Man was a year old...I ate well, but also exercised plenty- we went for a walk every day (him in the buggy), and I also did aquarobics 2-3 times a week ,and went for 2 1hr+ walks with friends. Thigns are *very* different now, but I am still hoping to pull something out of the bag.

I'm also booked to do a duathlon on March 1st...why???

I'm going to need lots of encouragement!


Jo said...

a duothon!!! go girl!!! sending good thoughts right your way - ready to catch'em?!

Jo said...

i cannot spell bwg!

duathlon duathlon duathlon ...

Noix_coco said...

Errr...sounds too drastic to work Shell! Nothing naughty to eat??? C'mon... Read this book by Allen Carr to stop smocking and apply the principle to food ;-)

Johanna Knox said...

Cool! Do you enjoy walking more than running? I love walking but *hate* running or jogging. Will J come with you more do you think? Once upon a time M and I used to go for a lot of long walks together, and was really great for talking, listening, thinking, catching up ... sadly haven't been able to make time for that for a long time. I'm envious!

All the best for the duathlon!!