Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Birds, a story by Princess (aged 6)

The Birds

One day there was some friendly little birds that got captured in a cage each and taken away.

Some got took to the circus, some got took to the wild, some got took the zoo.

They all missed each other so much that they wanted to go and find all their other friends, but they never got out of their cages, even if they tried biting them or slipping through them- they still couldn;t get through to find their friends.

But, lucky for one of the circus parrots, he got out every single night for a show, and one night he got free and flew away as fast as he could to get to the others.

First, he went to the zoo and couldn;t find his friends. He got lost in the zoo, so flew out to see where he was going. He flew as high as he could, just under the clouds, he flew and flew and finally found his bird friends in cages but he couldn't see them because they were high up in the corners.

He called, "Friends, friends- where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!"

They came down, and said, "Let us out please, please".

"But I don;t know where the key is."

"I know", said one parrot, and the other one flew and got it and put it in the lock.

"And now I think that we should fly away and find the others in the wild."

They called out, "Where are you my friends- I've found the others". He said to his friends, "Come on guys let's split up in to teams- you three go that was, and we'll go this way and meet back at the tallest tree..see ya later, bye!"

The ones on the left couldn't seem to find any parrots, then suddenly they did see one, but he was trapped, "Help me!", he called, "A lion is trying to catch me". His friends said, "Fly up here", and he did, and said, "Thanks Guys".

The others said, "Come up to this big tree, and nothing will get you there.

The ones on the right found some parrots too, and helped each other carry the injured ones, because two leopards were trying to catch them. They took the parrots back to the tree so they couldn't get caught by the leopards.

They were all so happy to be with each other that flew back and around and round together,and decided to make that tall tree their home. Since it was the biggest tree, it could fit all of them. Those ten parrots got some sticks and berries and things to make that big tree their home. One of the girl parrots knitted sweaters, so they could keep warm while they sleep and when it was cold and snowed at Christmas time of course.

That's how the parrots got back together, and they never let anyone catch them again because they were too high to catch them unless a plane came, or maybe a hawk or something- but they could scare them away with their enormous squawks, or bite their fingers of course. So from that day forward they were forever together.

The End.


Johanna Knox said...

Beautiful. Will read it out to at least one of my family members when they arrive home. xxx

Ruth said...

Wowee! What an amazing little story teller you have.