Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picnic for the Planet

I really wanted to get along to the Picnic for the Planet, but it wasn't looking likely since we had a visitor staying...but I ended up taking Tombliboo and going with J, M and J2. They were heading out to see some friends afterward, so I needed to get my own way home (or wait for dh to come get us after he had dropped off J12).

We got there too late to hear the address, but i got a print-out of it (just haven't read it yet!).

We had a delicious organic sausage, and some even better organic ice cream (must look up wher to buy that, or better still- make my own!).

The toddlers had a lot of fun, and our time was up very quickly...I decided to take Tombliboo on a train, but once we got ot he station we discovered they were doing maintenance work on the lines. We took a bus from Henderson to the city, which was seriously the longest bus ride of our lives.

Tombliboo was veyr sick of it after a time, and I couldn't seem to keep him amused very long at all. At every stop, he said, "We get off", adn when the answer was ,"No, not yet" he looked set to burst every time.

Still, we got there in the end, and decided to go to Burger King (after our organic sausage and ice cream, lol) for somethign to eat. The staff gave him a corwn, and he thouight he was the Bee's Knees.

Next we went to Whotcoulls to look for a new book for him. He looked through several that I selected, adn that he foudn himslef, and eventually chose Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth (which was a big fave when he was 15-18 months old). He sepnt time playing wiht their train tracks, and we looked through the shop for a veyr long time.

We paid for the books- one for Princess too, and some new plastic no-mess crayons (which are not no-snap-in-half), then walked to Britomart to catch a train home.

Tombliboo had a ball in these reallty cool fountains I didn't know existed.

He got his first lot of clothes soaked, then when he seemed "done", I dressed him again and he got those soaked as well ("I get all wet!"), so dressed him in my extra top, which he guessed it...proceeded to soak as well.

I took him to the train station starkers, much to the amusement of all and sunder.

I eventually managed to get a pair of shorts on him, and we caught the next train. It was a great trip, though he did want to get off at every stop. He was amusing all the other passengers, and being very un-shy (usually) util one pair of girls came near him (to exit the train) and he did his usual- puts his hand up ot his face so you can't see him.

We arrived at the train station closet to home not long before dh, picked up some things to make dinner, and went home.

It was a great day, slightly harrowing in parts, but such a lot of fun to be just me and Tombliboo...I see now (I think) what all my (older) friends meant when they used to say "You've got so much energy", when I was the mum of just one toddler...I didn't see it then, but I'm sure I had a tonne more energy back when I was 24!

We've been having hourly-breastfeeding the last few nights, and I'm I guess that doesn't help. Maybe tonight will be a good one.

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