Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another week goes by...

This week has been full-on.

Friday was spent with N and B2 visiting..we had such a lot of fun together. N never thinks it's any bother at all to do something crafty with Princess...they cut up rosemary and made pockets of it out of an old lace curtain. The toddlers fought a little over the smallest pushchair, but msotly had fun pushing it- these two are hilarious- neither of them had been in a pushchair until they were 2, and now it is very novel indeed...

We had cousin M11 come to stay on Friday night, and he went with dh, J-Man and Princess ot the Wave Pools on Saturday afternoon. Tombliboo and I went with J and J2 to a neat little cafe' where children are welcome. It had loads of toys and books, and a super-cool space outside to play. They forgot our order, and when it arrived it was nothing flash- but it was a neat way to spend an afternoon.

I helped Princess make her new Lego job in this "Piece Finder". She likes to make it without help. I'm remembering now that the first time she made something with Lego intructions was either when she was 2.25 or 2.5 yrs...the idea that Tombliboo might do the same is uproarious- this little girl had so much more patience than either of her brothers exhibited as toddlers. Of course, J-Man didn't have Lego when he was that age because I was still caught up in buying things that were "age-appropriate".

This house was for 8-12 year olds, and it did frustrate her at some poonts, msotly as when she tried to intuit the next step ratehr than checking the booklet, but she enjoyed the process immensely, and aftet taking this photo, pulled it apart so she can attempt one of the other 2 mapped-possibilities for this set.

J-Man went to stay with Grandma and Poppy on Sunday evening. Daddy met G&P half way there, and came home without our little boy.

I've been trying to get out-and-about as much as possible since Princess loves going out, and J-Man is more reluctant.

On Monday, the plan was to stay home (hanging out for payday, lol) and tidy the house...I cleared out a whole bunch of "junk" (dh's computer guff) that has sat in our study since we moved here...untouched. Tombliboo announced, 'I need strawberries", put his shoes on and led me outside to go to the shop.

"I need crocodile book", he declared as well, so we were off on a mission to get both. The latter was easy to find, the former impossible- who knew?

Tuesday we went out for lunch with J and J2, and then on to the Playcentre Shop to find more large sheets of white paper. They were out of it (lol), so we got coloured card, a child-sized proper spade, a plastic great white shark a family of plastic panda bears, some tempera and some new paintbrushes.

Paint became a swear-word here after Tombliboo painted the carpet and his big brother's bed, and all manner of other things he shouldn't have I got rid of it rapidly, and then felt sad for Princess that she can't paint for a while. I hoped the tempera would be an ok alternative- I was wrong.

We visited a park, and then a temple near J's home. It was marvellous. Tombliboo was enthralled, particularly by the lion with the crying baby lion under it's foot, and also a statue with a "big sword" (said in a very macho little-boy voice).

On Wednesday I took the little ones on a bus to watch the move Bedtime Stories. I had heard it was rubbish, and I am inclined to agree. I know J-Man would be more scathing of the movie, and probably wouldn't have offered it had he been home, but I figured Princess would enjoy it and she did. Tombliboo was happy to watch it for 40 minutes, and then wanted to go outside over and over and over.

I missed most of the rest of it as I traipsed back and forth from the toilet (He knows now that if I won't leave for him to play, I will leave if he says he needs the toilet). I decided it was the last movie we will see until he is older, but I have decided that before.

Thursday was our annual not-to-school picnic and that deserves another post...

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