Thursday, February 19, 2009

mum wodyuobeabltolocinsydney

Princess typed me this message on a chatbox.

It should say...

Mum, would you be able to look in Sydney?

(Sydney is a market to buy cards in the game we play together online).

When I first saw it, and had her tell me she had sent me a message- I didn't know what to do with it for an instant...but then found it was easy enough to decipher.

I wondered if I should tell her it was hard to read since all the words ran together...I decided to in an off-hand, breezy sort of a way, just so she would know.

"I know that Mama! It's just that when I had the spaces in they put a red squiggly line under each word, and I didn't like it- so I took the spaces out".

She is not hard-out driven to read now she has discovered she can (as J-Man was)...she's still happily chugging along not reading, but it's not far off, and I love watching!