Monday, February 23, 2009


I had 5 hours off on Saturday at a Creative Memories workshop, while dh looked after the kiddos.

Someone there said that the amount we paid for making our albums should mean that we don;t have to pay for the class. Another mum of little chidlren and I agreed that it is the best $12 we could hope to spend...we get the use of the consultant's tools, space to lay things out without a toddler scribbling on the pages (or worse) and the magic of not having anyone ask anything of you...just being, and not having to do anything at all.

I love going to my class...I find it impossible to get anything done on my album at home. I love being with my children, but occasionally I like to be away. This is a monthly class, and the last one was in December. I don't need a lot of time alone, but when I feel I need it- I need it yesterday. I got this little break right in time I think :0)

We went to the Wave Pools on was so much fun! The last time we went all together was when Tombliboo was 14 months old, so more than a year ago. It was hard going then with him all over the place, and me rushing to catch him as he whizzed down a slide, etc. He was far more cautious this time, I noticed, though once he realised the slide was perfectly safe, he was off :0)

J-Man commented, "I'm having the *best* time!" He jumped off the side in to a 2M part over and over and over. Daddy did too, and even Princess- until a lifeguard came to say she was too little to be doing so.

We all went down the hydroslides...I have never been down before, always looking after the littlies. It used to be that you had to be over 8...J-Man was desperate to turn 8, and he has loved it ever since. We realised last time Daddy took the kids that that is no longer the case, so Pricness was able to slide too- she loved it! This time, we looked for a reason for Tombliboo not to go down, and there wasn't one- so he went as well.

He loved it! At the end of each slide, he sung a little song- "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh yeah, yeah yeah!" It was too funny, then he would run back up the stairs saying, "We go again!"

I screamed the first time...I get freaked about hydroslides, espcially when there is a blacked-out bit. I once got knocked out on an hydroslide in Rotorua when I was around 18. I had to really hold it in the first time I took Tombliboo, not wanting to freak him out.

We went in the hot pool, and Tombliboo kept saying over and over, "Don't put a head in...too many germs" like a mantra.
We ended up staying for four hours, then leaving so late we needed to stop and get pizza on the way home for dinner...what a shame!


Cally said...

I am such a sook - I have never been on a hydroslide! It always looks fun, but I just can't do it. (I hate heights, I hate not seeing where I am going, but I hate seeing it if it's high. =sigh=

And ummmmm, your scrap book page looks super cool, except I thought I was having an Elderly moment when I looked at the date. I even checked my calendar, I'm so neurotic about losing my memory, but no. So is the photo just not clear or does the date need a little amendment?

Shell (in NZ) said... have no idea how often I do that- easy fixed though :0)

Shady Lady said...

Like you, I love my time with my daughter, but when I need some "me time" (which is rare) I need it. I haven't scrapbooked in years, though. Maybe one day... sigh

The water slides looked FUN!!

Ruth said...

such an awesome post!!
Lol,I was thinking the same thing as Cally with the date...then I thought it may be what you're planning for next Dec and it looked very, very full already! funny...