Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Long Weekend

We spent most of the weekend at home, making messes then tidying them.

We all went out to a Waitangi Day concert at the Telstra Clear Pacific Stadium. It was stinking hot and not overly comfortable, but we were glad to have gone.

Princess and Tombliboo went on a few rides, after very long waits. They went up a bouncy castle slide thingee when I noticed it seemed ot be falling abotu itself. I asked the lady running it if it was ok fro the children to be in there, and she said, "No, no children allowed- one of the motors has blown". So I had to go in to get them- Princess came straight out when I said it wasn't safe, but Tombliboo was having far too much fun.

We got out just as they righted the problem, so they both went in again.

J-Man is pleased to be home...Tombliboo offered him some of his egg, and J'Man said, "You know- if you really think about it...anyone would trade in their two year old for this one- he's just soooo cute!" Princess agreed, and I felt all warm and toasty inside :0)

We also got a wafflemaker with our Flybuys points, and made our first batch...yummo!

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