Sunday, February 15, 2009

Am I psychic?

Remember a few days ago when I said I thought Princess was on the verge of a breath-through with golly, I think it happened!

Last night she came to bed with Tombliboo and I, and we read stories. I had sort of had in mind reading a chapter or two of James and the Giant Peach...but she had other ideas. We read two long Berenstain Bears picture books, then Tombliboo nodded off. I felt like doing the same, it was 11:30pm after all.

But Princess wanted "just one more", and my eyes weren't up to it...I said, she could maybe start and I would help.

She agreed, and began, "One day..."

I on earth did she read those...I had looked over her shoulder, and decided the book was too hard for her- she can normally only phonetically sound words out, so a word like "one" will not work at all.

"How did you know it said 'One day'?" I asked.

"Dunno", she answered.

She continued..."One Day Mama and the cubs went to Farmer Ben's farm".

At this point, I was excited..."Blimey Honey- You;re reading! How did you do that?"

"I didn't know I could," she replied, with a grin from ear to ear.

I called for dh, and he came running to see what the emergency was.

"Do it again, Princess", I urged...and she read the first sentence again, without hiccoughs.

He was amazed, and told her she read very well...she was beaming, and eager to carry on. She got tired after a few pages, and sis struggle over some words like "there"...she read "the" and then realised that was wrong, so said "the- ree"...she's no at the stage yet of reading something and then self-correcting, preferring me to supply the missing word (which is just fine).

I finished the book, but she was still palpably excited, and couldn't sleep so ran down the hall to be with her Daddy.


Noix_coco said...

Thanks God you sent her to school and she finally reads! Otherwise she would never had learnt by herself you know... ;-)
Congrats little big girl!

Shell (in NZ) said...

Well she's not there yet, lol...but at least it is "I didn't know I could", not "I can't"...very big step I think.

Interestingly her two upper front teeth are know the Steiner idea that reading happen around then? Of course, J-Man was reading well at 4 so we didn't observe that with him.

Kiwi_Mama said...

The upper wiggly teeth thing certainly applied to all 3 of mine. Miss7 started reading fluently shortly before her 7th birthday right around the time her teeth started wiggling LOL. The boys were about 7.5 when their reading became fluent and same thing regarding their teeth.