Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 - 6 = DEAD

J-Man (10) got an idea for a game late last night, and started to make it. It is based around Lord of the Rings and has a number of rules which make the game interesting and quite challenging. Daddy came up with an idea for making the men stand up, and they (along with Princess) created little characters for the game.

I played with J-Man this morning. It was great to see how well thought out the game was. It is his intention to save up for little figurines to use to play the game. He's found a really good deal on Trade Me, and tells me over and over why the deal is a once off, crazy-not-to kind of deal...unfortunately we don't have the funds just at the moment, which is the bit that is escaping can we miss out on such a great deal??

As we killed the "bosses" he subtracted the hit points, writing it down to keep track. I was thinking 6-6= Dead!, and was surprised when he said the exact thing I was thinking.

Lately J-Man has been doing a lot of different things that don't involve the computer. It's been nice for me to see, and be assured that force/coercion is not necessary to get a boy off a computer.


Noix_coco said...

See how everyhting is just going smoothly in fact ?

Shady Lady said...

I recently found your blog and wanted to say "hi"!

Love the idea for the game!! It is nice to see that the path we are on is working, isn't it? I'm always amazed when my daughter walks over and turns the TV off to go play.