Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our week :0)

Days whizzing by so fast ,and I keep forgetting (or running out of time) to write in here.

I cna;t even remember what we've been doing, lol, but somehow it keeps us busy.

I'll work backward and see if I can remember...

In the weekend we had our cousins J13 and M11 to stay...that was a lot of fun. They mostly monopolised the computers, but J13 spent a lot of time playing board games with Princess, and also drawing and making Christmas cards with her. It was very sweet.

The boys didn't want to go out on Saturday night, so we stayed home and had takeaways, treats and a movie together. It was very nice, and so good to just relax with them.

Grandma and Poppy came over for a bit on Sunday before heading of to meet friends and see Billy Joel in concert. Tombliboo has always had a bit of a thing for Poppy, and this visit was no exception. He hovered about his Poppy the whole time, and asked "Where'd Poppy go?" whenever he seemed to disappear (however briefly).

During the week, I made russian fudge (yum!) and did ordinary house and garden things.

We got a lot of shopping done on Friday night (first time we've attempted some Christmas shopping), and dn a bit more done on Saturday. We also went to the dentist- I had a toohache like nothing I've had before, and thought it was time :0(

Actualyl, now that I've been and there is no hole (though I can see a shadow), I wonder if it is a crack. Anyway, I was determined not to get fillings before I am not happy with any of the materials (with the possible exception of gold, which is out of the question anyway).

I was really pleased to learn that the hole I had 3 years ago, and opted for ozone treatment instead of a filling had in fact remineralised. I had two other teeth ozone treated, and expect the same result.

Princess has been counting down the days until Christmas, she is very excited. She reminds me regularly through the day of all the thinggns I ought to eb doign to get ready for Christmas.

Tombliboo is exctied by some Christmas lights down our street...he calls it "Ki-mas shirework"...which translated is "Christmas Firework", and it's not a firework, but I can see how he would think so.

I'm hoping J-Man will put up our Christmas lights in the next couple of days. He used to be *very* in to Christmas lights, even requesting them for his birthday, but the interest has waned somewhat. I might have to put them up myself :0)

We haven't got a tree yet...J-Man asked if we could please have a real tree this year, and we agreed. We agreed last year, but somehow there is always something we would rather spend $30-40 (for a small tree) on.

Tombliboo surprised us last night by correctly counting 5 little tokens in Spanish. It was terribly sweet. He is doing wonderfully with peeing on the potty. The only trouble is not knowing he has been and someone kicking it over before it's been emptied....only really a problem when we have visitors, since we're so used to having a potty around, and avoiding it"just in case".

I read an interesting article by Naomi Aldor about night weaning. She said that a co-sleeping toddler has no primal need for night feeds in to the 3rd year. I'm mulling that over and considering the possibility of night-weaning Tombliboo (who currently feeds every 2 hrs all night).

I'm reading a book called The Gabriel Method about weightloss. It appeals to me because it is a weightloss-without-dieting book, but it also makes some good points about how stresses and "lacks" in our lives translate (for our bodies) as reaosns to get fat, to stay safe.

It's a lot more complicated than that, but I feel it makes sense...that it doens;t matter how many calories you count, or how regularly you exercise- when there is some emotional worry in the mix, your efforts amount to nought.

Well, that's my story- and I'm sticking to it (for now) :0)


Ruth said...

Happy New year

Colleen said...

Happy new year guys!!! We miss you!