Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our week...

We've been busy as usual, doing not a lot that I can remember off-hand (I can't even remember when my last post was)...so I'll bulletpoint a few bits and pieces, and add some photos.

* Tombliboo ran to the potty to poop last night...hooray! He has been wonderful with pee for a while now- I finally learned to back off, and not mention the potty...hey presto! He just uses it without comment. When we're going out, I tell him ,"Keep those pants dry- tell Mama if you need the potty." And he does.

*We took the kids fishing! It was a Kids Gone Fishin' day at Mangere, and it was a tonne of fun...well, the kids weren't particularly interested in fishing- we were using (free!) handlines, where they have only ever fished off Grandma and Poppy's yacht with fancy rods. We also (inadvertently) picked the wrong spot, where I think (judging by more experienced fishermans' experiences) it was impossible to catch anything.

*I took Tombliboo and Princess for a swim while dh stayed home to watch Rugby, and J-Man played Maplestory (he's taking a voluntary break from WoW atm). I told myself I probably wouldn't take just the two of them again for a while...Tombliboo kept disappearing, and while I chased him I had no choice but to leave Princess alone...it was fairly hard-going. (never worse than whilst changing).

*We visited N and B (23 months) briefly), but it was a lot of fun. Their chicks have grown soooo much!

*We went to a Christmas show with our friends A and J11...that was a blast, and went so quickly. We saw more friends (E and M9) on the way out, which was a bonus.

*J and J22 months came to visit and that was a blast as well...so nice to just sit and natter...with a million interruptions from our toddlers, but still- just so nice.

*We're gearing up for Christmas, but I feel woefully behind on (even just the) basics of ordinary life atm. I really want to get a reusable advent calendar for the kids, where I can give them little treats that are beter than the piddly chocolate you normally get (which is no use for our lactose-intolerant children anyway) and no plastic...or if there is plastic, at least it is not of the "buy every December" variety.

*Tombliboo finally got "a monkey book" like he's been asking for...we live a minute from the library- why is it hard to get there some days??

*N and A5 came to play for the day...it was wonderful. Princess and A5 get on famously, and I thoroughly enjoy N's company. We cooked together, and watched Zeitgeist which is the most important thing I have seen in a while...one of those movies (like Who Killed the Electric Car?) which everyone should see.

*Princess made a robot costume out of a big box, which Tombliboo models here...

*We've painted, and drawn pictures, and made pizzas with playdough...we've planted seeds, and watered the garden, weeded her and there and attempted to trim the edges (I can't cut a straight line to save my life). We've read books, watched movies, and danced to cd's, made cookies, and plenty of popcorn. We've had a good week, full of joy.

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Gwyn, Nicole & Osian said...

Wow, sounds like youve had a busy and fun week.
Congrats to Tommy on the potty, thats awesome.