Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday- Rainbow Night!

We are having a Rainbow Night!

J-Man remembered this morning about the night we gave him his favourite toddler book. I was surprised he remembered the night, since he was under 2.5 yrs.

We had a Red Night- where we ate red dinner (Tomato Soup), and had Red drinks, and wore red clothing.

The Princess asked if she was born yet, and I reminded her she wasn't born until J-Man was 31/2.

She asked if we had had a Red Night when she was little, and I realised we hadn't done anything like that. She looked set to get upset, when I aid, "I Know- Let's have a Red Dinner tonight!"
She looked reasonably happy, but then her lip began to quiver as she whispered, "But I don't like Tomato Soup". (Actually she doesn't like *any* soup, and probably hasn't ever tried Tomato Soup).

J-Man said, "Well then- how about we have a Rainbow Dinner, where everyone will have something to eat that they like?"

And that's what we decided to do.

The kids set about making placemats, and a menu. It was great to see them working together at he table- they don;t often do that these days. It wasn't easy working out something to eat for each colour, but we came up with the following:

Yellow...Kumara Pies (well it was a bit of a push)
Blue...Mashed Potatoes coloured Blue (that was really hard...and we don't normally eat colourings)
Indigo...Ribena to drink
Violet...Homemade Plum Sorbet for dessert

We also got Rainbow-coloured lollies and Popcorn for treats to eat with movies after dinner...these are all things we never buy, and I'm not sure of the repercussions of eating such a lot of chemical colours- but it fits with our theme.

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