Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday- An Epiphany?

Today we visited the Dr (A5 had her eardrum perforate yesterday).

J9 didn't want to come in- he was busy looking up his pokedex to find the fastest pokemon. He asked if T1 could please stay in the car with him, and I thought it would be fine since I could see them from the window.

Also, it had been a struggle getting T1 in the car, since I didn't have much time, and I usually allow him to have a little play before I strap him in. He has never liked being in his carseat, but is getting better at willingly hopping in, so long as he doesn't need to pee, and he has had a little play.

So, A5 and I were in the waiting room alone. She spent a few seconds on a ride-on toy, then sat down to leaf through a House and Garden magazine.

We were having a lot of fun looking through the various wallpapers, paints and decor plans.

I saw a kitchen I liked and went off in to a little world of my own...fantasising about this perfect kitchen, and neat little rugs throughout the perfect dining room.

And suddenly the thought came unbidden... I will have a perfect kitchen one day! I will have a house where there are no puddles on the carpet, or eggs smashed into the bookshelf. There'll be no pink clothes sprawled in every direction, and none in the drawers.

There won't be any lego to step on with bare feet, or cups and plates that haven't made their way to the sink. No dressing gowns on the lounge floor, or puzzle pieces nowhere near their frame or box.

The sink won't be full of dishes, and the rubbish bin won't need emptying.

All of these delicious thoughts popped in in an instant...and then the next logical thought popped in as well.

There won't be a gigantic mess in my perfect home because there won't be any children.

And then I will be wishing for grandchildren to mess up that tranquility in the way only young children can.

But for now...I'm going to love my messy house...including all the evidence that three children live here. I'm not going to stress about all the things that should be put away, all the things I ought to have done today, all the things I'm pretty sure won't be done tomorrow either.

I'm going to enjoy being with three little people that matter most to me in the world.

Note: After I got started on this, I thought I really ought to at least hang out the washing (at 4:30pm), and then do last night's dishes, so we'll have enough to use for tonight ;0)

A5 asked if she could please, please, please do the dishes with me. She has often asked, but I haven't been so keen. I always figure the water will either be too hot to put her fingers in, or not hot enough to wash everything properly. But I realised that putting her off will get us nowhere...and she came up with a plan (as she often will) that worked for both of us.

She passed me what I was after...I explained why I do the dishes the way I do, and at the end she asked if she could please do them tomorrow with me as well.

More info on "chores" here... (look on the right hand side, 3 topics down)

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