Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introducing A

Our second child is our only daughter, A...she will be 6 in September, and has been planning her party since the day after her last one.

She is a lovely little girl, with a fabulous imagination. She likes ponies, and has collected the entire My Little Pony Ponyville set. Every time a new piece comes out, she saves her pocket money to buy it.

She likes anything girlie, and especially pink. But she also enjoys Lego and plastic animals- though she insists they are "boy toys".

She has an adorable giggle, and is quick with hugs when someone is looking like they need one.

She loves to make things, especially out of paper and (lots of) cellotape. In the last couple of weeks she has made a back pack, some pirates with swords, a soft drink and fries container, a pizza, a person in an aeroplane, and one in a bed.

She also likes to leave notes, and has just started to branch out from family names, writing (not easily decipherable) notes for each of us. Actually, they are relatively easy to decipher if one remembers three simple rules...they are usually spelled phonetically, often missing vowels and almost always missing spaces between words :0)

She has never been to school, or even kindergarten. She loves other children, though prefers older ones. I often wonder if she might ask to go to school one day because she perceives school as being a place full of friends. Though a recent visit to a school playground probably smashed that illusion.

Our favourite thing to do together is shopping :0)

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