Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introducing T

T is our third child. He's 18 months old. Our first baby to be born at home, co-sleep, be "worn" (in a sling) and not be vaccinated.

He is such a little darling...cheeky, and determined, but so adorable.

We have been doing Elimination Communication with T since he was born. It has been an interesting ride. He was out of nappies at home aged 7 weeks, day and night. And 100% nappy-free at 12 weeks, when I got up enough courage to ditch the nappies when we were out as well.

Since it was going so well, I sold all my cloth nappies when he was 4 months old, and contacted the local newspaper because i felt the whole world should know about this. We were interviewed when he was 5 months, and was crawling. It was looking like things had change on the ec front at that point, but I was hoping it was just a temporary problem. It wasn't, lol.

So it has been quite a journey :0) You can read about it here. At 18 months, he is dry most nights, despite breastfeeding 1-2 hrly, and he doesn't use the potty at night.

The days are *very* hit and miss at home...usually fabulous when we're out. I've learned one thing in all of this though, that things can change in a day.

T says over 100 words, and some small sentences here and there, like "Look Dadda", or "Bob shoes", or "go outside".

He is very strong, and can hang off our clothesline, lol, and bounce really high on the trampoline. He is a speedy little runner too, and if I'm not careful- he's quite hard to catch.

He loves the pools, and the bath. He loves watching movies, lol, and will watch for ages. He likes Maisy and Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder best of all.

T is like a mini-tornado in our house, wreaking havoc in every room. He is a very good climber too. He loves to help, and is very good at making popcorn (and eating it).

T is a joy to have around. We all really like it when he gets "nutty", and goes crazy running around in circles, and making silly noises.


Stephanie said...

Hey girl is this your new blog?

Your kids are soooo cute but I know I've said that before :)

Shell (in NZ) said...

Yes, tis me!

I did it so I can leave commetns on your blog and not be labeled as my daughter ;0)

How did you find me?

Stephanie said...

Someone came to my blog via this one. Get and you can see all the hits you get.