Monday, June 16, 2008

A Typical Unschooling Day

Well, there is no such thing as a typical unschooling day- just as there is really no typical anything-sort-of day with young children.

My day began at 8am...that's really late for us. Tombliboo has taken to having a longish stretch of sleep (4 hours, hooray), and then waking and feeding fairly consistently every 45 minutes or so until he gets up fro the day. It's quite draining, but that long sleep is blissful...if I could just sleep the whole time as well.

It was 9am before we were showered and dressed, and really ready to start the day- Daddy had lost his keys, and couldn't leave for work- so we were searching high and low until they turned up.

It took me a long time (as it has been for the last week or so) to calm Tombliboo after Daddy left for work. He gets so very brokenhearted- it;s lovely in a way, but so sad. At this point, dh has no interest whatsoever in working from home, but maybe one day...

I didn't have many e-mails to read/reply to, since I was up until past midnight last night- when I was tired, but Tombliboo was not.

I helped a lady new to home education (over the phone), and played a few moves of Scrabble, while Tombliboo watched a Maisy DVD. Princess woke up at 9:30am, and asked for rice bubbles for breakfast. Tombliboo went to get them for her.

Then, I got busy tidying up the giant mess in our house- it;s always atrocious after the weekend, and makes me feel all gloomy- since it seems like I work hard at keeping things in order all weekend, and obviously fail miserably.

I've vacuumed the whole house, after putting away everything in the lounge. I've tidied the study nearly completely. I tidied J-Man's room a bit, and brought in all the washing- folded it and put it all away. I've done the hell-pile of dishes, and dried and put those away too. Hooray.

J-Man didn't wake up until 12pm, and only then because i needed him to help me make the spare tv go. I love that he doesn't have to get up at any time...that he can sleep as long as his body needs.

He has spent most of the day so far (3pm) playing World of Warcraft. He showed me what he is up to. He has 3 characters (all different races) that he is playing at once...well, he can only play two at once, on two accounts. He puts orc items up for auction for a low price, then has his night elf or human purchase them then sell them on for far more.

He has also been reading a book about Samurai Castles. He played with Tombliboo and got him giggling, and helped me make lunch(toasted sandwiches...we all have something different inside).

Princess has been watching her favourite shows on Sky, and playing with her little ponies. After a while she moved everything she needed in to her room, so Tombliboo couldn't destroy it.

She looked at books, and made a little basket out of paper (and piles of cellotape) for Tombliboo. She made a house out of blocks for Tombliboo to crash, and helped me with the vacuuming.

She asked me if I would rather have $900 or Daddy, and I replied with the answer she was hoping for...which sent her off on her merry way.

It's been pouring down today, so they have not been outside. Well, except for Tombliboo- who enjoyed bending his head over the porch so he could get the droplets on his baby head.

"Raining...outside...touch...cold", he says, and I know just what he means.

I found some missing dvd's which he has been posting through the gaps between planks of wood on our back porch...luckily they are not too badly off.

Right now, Tombliboo has gone to sleep, so we are going to start a game on the magically-cleared kitchen table. It's been a long time since we played a game.

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J's mum said...

Lovely to see another New Zealand blog, I am currently researching more and more about Unschooling and came across your blog, we have only been homeschooling for 3 years. Lovely to get to know your family.