Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introducing J

This is our beautiful firstborn child, J. He turned 9 in January (2008).

He has a fabulous sense of humour, and loves the computer. He plays more games than I could list, and is finding new ones all the time. He also likes to make movies on the computer.

He enjoys Lego, and jumping on the trampoline.

He has a level 47 Night Elf Druid on World of Warcraft, but he hasn't played for quite some time now...too many other things to do.

He has never been to school, never wanted to go.

He taught himself to read before he was 4, which amazed and intrigued me...if he could learn something that complicated without instruction- what couldn't he learn?

He's just saved up to buy some (decorative) samurai swords, and is enjoying "training' with them each day.

He loves to be at home, but makes friends easily...younger kids seems to think he is super-cool, but he always prefers to be with older ones.

He is not at all interested in sports so far, and wants to work for Blizzard Entertainment one day.

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