Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We saw Thomas!

We went to the Glenbrook Railway Station for a special day. Tombliboo is really in to trains, and we have been meaning to go for (literally) years it was perfect.

J-Man wasn't so interested in going on a steam train (he went on one when he was 2), so he and Daddy stayed behind to chat, and watch trains. Princess, Tombliboo and I went on the steam train with our friends J, M and little J (22 months).

It was wonderful- everyone had a great time. Tombliboo loved being on the train, and looking out the window. Mostly, he liked to stand on the bit between the carriages, looking through a gate at the tracks whizzing by.

One of his favourite things to do at the moment, is ask, "How many?" then proceed to count. Where he used to be able to count to 1 or 10 (often missing 5), he now counts "1...2...6", which is kinda cute, and kinda weird as well. He enjoyed counting trains, and pointing out their eyes, and noses etc.

We went home with our friends, while Daddy and Princess went to the bach for the rest of the weekend. They had a wonderful time, Princess had been wanting to get "her turn" alone with Daddy since J-Man had had his. She was bursting when I told her it was time. Daddy loved it too...there is somethingso very special for parent and child about some time alone together. It made me kinda envious of my dh, but I'm sure I will get my turn (htough Tombliboo does look set to breastfeed until he's 11, lol).

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Ruth said...

Tboo is soo cute, as all of your children are. That's so nice he (and all of you) got to have some fun with Thomas...esp. after his illness.