Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday- Grey Lynn Festival

We headed out to the Grey Lynn Festival today for the first time...what a lot of fun we had.

We met our friends N and B(22 months) and ate a picnic lunch there.

We wandered about the stalls, and the kids had a ride on a bouncy slide.

There were so many tents/stalls, and it was a blast looking through them- and being amazed at the creativity of people. We all enjoyed looking at he native instruments, and J-Man bought a pan-type flute, and a really cool whistle for Princess.

Tombliboo really enjoyed looking at this worm farm. He dug around in it with a stick as well, and there were people looking on and exclaiming over how cute and brave he was (lol). He kept saying 'I saw some-ping, I saw some-ping", and it was all very exciting...

There was a cool giant red fish at he Greenpeace stand, which the kids enjoyed...

J-Man was really keen to have a go at being the person inside it, and asked if they would mind if he had a turn (a very hot, red and sweaty man had just come out), and they agreed!

J-Man the Fish...

We stayed for ages watching this man with his fabulous bubble wands...

Then Tombliboo stayed for ages watching this man sing and play his guitar. (He also then tried to take the money from the man's coat which amused osme onlookers).

Next we went to the Ukelele Festival primarily to drop Princess off with friends (she is spending the night away), but also to support our friends' children who were performing in it. It wasn't overly exciting, but still fun catching up with friends, and seeing new things.

Tombliboo kept going like an energiser bunny and finally crashed on the way home...and has spent most of the evneing asleep...meanwhile, dh, J-Man and I are hanging out on computers. J-Man (nearly 10) is getting married on WoW on Tuesday (lol), and is having a Bachelor's Party tonight...too funny.

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SabrinaT said...

Looks like fun. I love his little blue hat!