Monday, November 3, 2008


Tombliboo hasn't had another seizure since Saturday. He;s not himself, but he's coming right.

He is quite pale, and has little energy- for instance, we walk up to the shops nearly every day, and he walks the whole way without incident. Yesterday he needed to be carried before the end of our street. He is scratching his head a lot, as though there is something in there that he can't get out.

He is eating a little, breastfeeding a lot. His temperature starts climbing around 4:30pm, but it hasn't gone over 38.4 since we got him home from the hospital.

We have had some fabulous advice from other unschoolers about how to bring a temperature down naturally, and which homeopathic is particularly effective in healing Tonsillits (Merc Sol).

DH stayed home from work yesterday to be with Tombliboo, and also because he didn't think he could possibly concentrate. He spent a lot of time with Tombliboo, just doing the things his little son likes to do.

Tombliboo hasn't gone outside much at all, which is his usual favourite thing. He isn't moving much, and that is really odd to see.

A friend who's child had febrile convulsions said he bounced back quickly, but his energy levels didn't return for a month.

We're also worried about how much was *done* to him without his consent, and how long the emotional implications of this experience will linger.

In other news, Princess and I weren't feeling well last night, and she vomitted *everywhere*. I've been really lucky with my children- they vomit about as much as I do (hardly ever), but Wow! I think we made up for it last night.

She was so sorry she had vomited on the carpet, and made a mess. She had been coming to tell me she thought maybe she would be sick, and it just came.

Poor little darling, but today she feels fine. She isn't eating much, and only wants to drink water- but she says she doesn't feel sick.

We're trying to talk to the "big" kids about the weekend, knowing how scared we were, and how much more so they would have been. Meanwhile, everything seesm a bit on-hold while we wait for Tombliboo to come right. We're keeping him quiet and happy, not hard since he has so little energy, and hoping he comes right a bit by the weekend so we can take him on a Thomas train.

If I get to it today, I will make a birthday cake for dh- but right now I'm over-run with washing, and still have dishes on the bench since Friday (not as many, but theyr'e still there all the same).


Johanna Knox said...

Poor wee thing.

And now you have the tummy bugs that are going round too. :(

Stace & family said...

Oh Shell you have had a hard few days!
My 2 1/2 yr old niece had a febrile seizure a couple of months ago which was very scary for my sister.
I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been.
Apparently they are fairly common in that age children.....I think I read that 1 in 4 kids of that age will have one or more. Not really much of a consolation though aye?

Make sure you take care of yourself.

Sirona said...

If you have CranioSacral therapist near you it'd be great to have Tombliboo checked out by them after those seizures. Hope he's feeling better very soon.