Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tombliboo has been almost back-to-normal today. He's still quite pale, and easily tired, but he has run around outside, and gone exploring/climbing for the first time since his illness.

He was fairly tired by late afternoon, and he didn't want to walk to the shops- he had his very first ride in a pushchair. Actually, I would have been happy to carry him in the sling, but he had been playing around with the pushchair today. He worked out how to buckle it up, and liked to sit in it it and wait for someone to push him (crazily) about.

When it came time to leave, he sat himself in there, saying "shopping...this one!"

It was a whole lot easier at the supermarket, I have to say...but really I would have preferred that he was ransacking the place. There is something a teensy bit disturbing about seeing a normally-active toddler perfectly happy to sit still at the checkout.

It will be his birthday soon, so Princess has busied herself making him a card today...and has begun nagging her big brother about doing the same. I shouldn't call it nagging, I think it's sweet...but Daddy and J-Man don't.

I finally made a birthday cake for Dh's (belated) birthday. J-Man insisted we sing "Happy Late Birthday to You", and it was a nice surprise I think.

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Johanna Knox said...

Lovely to see his smiling face!! :o)