Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Way more happy than just pleased"

Princess has been paid again for a tv ad that was filmed a year ago...they have decided to run it again this Christmas. I got so excited about her getting the thing she most wanted in the world (a Polly Pocket Mall), that I went and got it for her right away.

Dh thought that was so weird, and that I should have allowed her to have the excitement of going to the shop herself. I was certain it was what she most wanted, and that it was only part of the payment she received -so there would be plenty more shopping-opportunites. Still, I felt awful, when I realised that was precisely what I should have done.

Still, when she got home from friends (having had a fabulous time), I showed her the purchase, and she was ecstatic!

I said, "I'm so glad you're pleased Princess"...where she said, "I'm way, way more happy than just pleased!"

She has loved getting a few more bits and pieces she wanted.

I suggested she might like to get something for J-Man, after she purchased Tombliboo another (soft toy) Hippo he has wanted for a while.

She said she planned to, and she was going to buy J-Man a big bag of lollies. She has no real concept of money or the value of different things. I said J-Man might feel a bit stink about getting a bag of lollies when she had been paid quite a substantial amount.

She said, "Oh, yes- well, then, I'll buy him *two* bags!" (lol).

Princess says the most lovely things...like that I'm the best Mummy in the world, and yesterday commented, "Some days mothers probably wish they weren't mothers, aye Mum?"

I said that some moments are harder than others, but that I loved being a mother...she said, "Oh! I didn't mean you- I know you love being our mummy!"

I had also decided to take the kiddos to McDonald's for breakfast...mostly because we never do that, and we were out of plenty of stuff, and we were running short on time, and I also had plenty to do, and wanted it done early.

On the way, Princess said, "I can pay for the breakfast if you like, Mama."

I was about to say ,"No, it's OK- Mummy will pay", when I thought I shouldn't knock her offer, so instead asked, "Would you like to?"

She blew me away, by saying, "Oh yes! I'd be honoured."

Honoured to buy the family breakfast? What a bizarre, but lovely thing for a little girl to say.

Some days I wonder when she will "get" money, but mostly I love that she doesn't- that it is nothing to her, that the packet of bubblegum the agent sends with her cheque is more exciting than the cheque itself.

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