Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tombliboo is 2!

Our special little fellow turned 2, and we had a great day celebrating him. (I had woken up at 2:35am- a minute before his actual birth time, and given him a kiss and an extra special snuggle).

It was a different day than we had planned (meeting friends at the zoo) because he woke up with spots all over his arms and legs. He had had some (what we presumed were...) fleabites on his knees the night before, but they seemed to multiply as the evening wore on, and in the morning there were loads of them.

The rash on his arms looked different- not like bites, and I started to panic about what could be wrong (have we not had enough worries the last couple of weeks??). I imagined he must be getting measles, since our other chidlren have had chicken pox and I knew it wasn't that.

We took Tombliboo to the Dr for a diagnosis, asking that our friends stand-by rather than leaving for the zoo, but the Dr couldn't tell us what it was. He said the most likely diagnosis was a post-viral rash, but he mentioned some other possibilities we didn't like the sound of- so opted not to (possibly) infect our little friends.

I felt awful since we had said we were going to the zoo, and we had also told him he would be seeing his friends. I know, logically, he probably doesn't really care- but it feels like I lied (at least that is how I imagine a 2 yr old might see it).

He got some super-cool presents...we bought him a Thomas train, which he instantly loved. I think the rest of us might have dropped off the face of the earth at that point, and Tombliboo wouldn't have noticed (so long as we left a pair of "boobahs"). Daddy joined the tracks up to our other wooden train set- this is why Dads buy train sets, you know (and he thought he wanted a slot car set, lol).

I got the cake made, and for the first time since Tombliboo's birth- I was happy with it.

We all puddled around home, being attentive to Tombliboo (who, as I hinted at- didn't notice). Daddy was spending the day with us (he always takes the children's birthdays off work).

In the afternoon, we went to a park and out to a toyshop for Princess to pick up the present she purchased for her little brother (a Limited Edition Gold Thomas train). J-Man had bought him a Russ Hippotamus (Tombliboo says "hippo" or "hippy-poh-ee-miss" soft toy- Tombliboo had tried to take it from the shop a few times, and on the last occasion J-Man had promised he would buy it for him on his birthday.

I was really proud of them...

last year, I gave them money to choose something each that they would like to get their little brother. This year, I didn't think we would have the money, and I said the train set was from all of us- but they spent (more than) their fortnight's pocket money/allowance on the present they thought he would most like. It wasn't like I remember my brother buying things for people that *he* would like, lol...they thought long and hard about what Tombliboo would most like- and they were right- he loved their presents.

Princess made him a nice card, and J-Man downloaded a birthday song for Tombliboo to listen to on his PSP (he recently spent the last of his ad money on a 2nd hand PSP).

We spent a long time at the park, and it was a lot of fun. It was back home to the trains, while I got dinner ready, and after dinner we did the cake.

Tombliboo was adorable- he was *beaming* as we sung, and he knew what the cake was (unlike Princess on her birthday lol). He cut it himself, and we all had far too much (well, it was a honey and date cake- sugar and colour free, so the "big" kids mostly just ate icing). It was actually very nice, but dh remembers well his dislike of dates at their age.

The evening was more trains, and Tombliboo wanted to watch Scooby-Doo and the Care Bears, which we did. He fell asleep around 10pm, and I carried him to bed. I stared at him for a very long time, busriting with love for this wonderful little person we all adore- and promising him a trip to the zoo a soon as we can.


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday little Tombliboo!! What a lovely family you have :)

Noix_coco said...

I'm soory I missed his birthday again on D-day, but I remembered it...always when the comp was off. Shame. The cake is adorable! Lovely family Shell and so inspiring! Happy bday little boy!