Friday, February 5, 2010

Update- work

A whole lot has been happening here. I haven't thought them all through ready to present in any sort of orderly way- so just off the top of my head...

I was looking for a job- preferably just one day a week so the kids could be with their Dad, and I didn't have to miss out on seeing them (or arrange prohibitive childcare).

I finally found something that sounded fairly perfect- for 16 hours, not the 8 I had hoped for- but from home, which seemed possible. I applied, got shortlisted, had an interview, got the job, did some training and start on Monday night.

It is telephone market research from home. I'll be working 4 nights a week 6-9pm, and Saturdays 10am-2pm. It doesn't sound like a big commitment- except for my darling 3 year old- who really has not learned "wait", and seems wholly unable to grasp the concept. I'm pretty nervous about how it will work. And, if I'm being honest- it's not just the wee 11 and 7, my "big" kids are chronic at interrupting me if I'm on the phone.

But, it will mean a big change for us- a whole lot more freedom financially... not in the free-as-a-bird sense, but maybe not having to say "no" to so many (pretty ordinary) things.

How it will work, being a mother receiving a benefit, is that I will earn half as much for the second 8 hours as for the first...but it's still extra, and I'm really excited.

The "big kids" are onboard, and know they will be needed to help out...this is good for all of us. I can trust them- they know I probably can't do this without them...they know it will mean their lives get a bit more exciting. They also know, I am almost fully-available from when they wake up until close to 6pm, and will be again after 9pm. All we can do is try.

The work itself will probably be rather boring, but I'm motivated enough by the idea of taking the kids swimming every now and again, or maybe buying takeaways, and saving for the camp we plan to go on later this year.

The best bit about this is wile I hope to rely on their Dad to be caring for them on Saturdays (and have asked for one evening a week as well)...if he doesn't show for whatever reason- I can still work.

I've been really happy not working, but I think I will be happy was fun going to my first interview in 14 years. I felt confident (mostly because I felt I was a shoo-in), and it feels great to be taking a bit more control over my life.

They pay an allowance for out internet- so I have bumped it up again...we will now get 40gb a month...this would not have been enough on this particular month- we are up to 47gb with 3 days to go until out new month begins...and 40gb of that was used on the first 2 days! Thanks to J-Man and xbox live.

This update is going to get gigantic- so I'll make a few updates isntead :0)

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Banty said...

ha, just read your blog about the job so now I know!!!
Hope everyone behaves for you. I hope you get lovely people on the phone as well, what is it telemarketing i.e. what company/product? I'm always nice to telemarketers because I reckon they are doing their best to earn and things like me, and there is no need to be rude to someone trying to earn a legitimate income - bet most of them are in the same boat as me and you anyway so deserve to have polite and happy conversations. Hope the first night goes really well let us know on FB tomorrow. Many hugs