Friday, February 5, 2010

Update- School

J-Man is considering school...not in the "I really want to go" sort of way, just in the "Oh dear- I only have one friend I hardly ever see" sort of way.

This is a bizarre change in our lives, which seems to coincide with J-Man's age. Other home edders I know, who's boys have been happy suddenly aren't around this age.

For the record, J-Man is still very happy...I thought when he said his life was "sad", that he was sad. That wasn't it at all- he is merely changing, and what was a happy arrangement before (regarding friends) is no longer.

So this is cool...we will work at getting more friends. And I have noticed J-Man is working at being more tolerant and flexible. Half the reason he has only had one friend for so many years, was because he loved that one friend, and noone else really measured up to J13.

J-Man started to notice how many friends I seem to have, and wondered why he only had the one. He doesn't really- he only has one who he thinks the world of, one friend who he feels is like a brother. In fact- it's adorable. His friend just signed up for facebook, and has listed J-Man as his brother. It nearly made me cry.

J-Man has plenty of other kids he could call friends if he wanted to- he just hasn't wanted to until now. I feel like I've been given a "get out of jail free" card...we can make plans to go out now. We can go meet people. Some will click, some won't- but that doesn't matter. Princess will love it!

I really hope we can come up with the friends J-Man needs. It's still not the easiest thing in the world- this angst seems so common, and it does seem that around 9 a lot of boys here do go to school. I hope we can pull through this time...meanwhile, just saying he wants more friends seems to have helped J-Man see I already gave birth to 2 friends for him (to use Rose's saying)...he has been having a glorious time with Princess this week- playing guitar hero, and sitting on the hammock playing talking know where one will say ,"and then I find a bazooka", and the other will add, "Yeah, but it doesn't go", and they flick back and forth about who knows what but it is all-encompassing and sends them in to fits of giggles. Yes, life is good.

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