Monday, April 13, 2009

Still more reading...

Princess continues to look as though nothing is happening on the reading front, but I know it is...

She is really noticing words. She came to me last week and said, "Mum! Did you know the start of the word "diet" is die? That's funny isn't isn't it?"

Yes, very funny- I believe someone has even made a joke of it...I was surprised a 6 year old would notice.

Yesterday she noticed that "Mum" and "Mom" are like "Hannah"- they are spelled the same forwards and backwards. Somehow the name "palindrome" hadn't sunk in, but that's ok- the meaning is understood :0)

She also continues to be a bit frightened by the prospect of reading...or maybe daunted is a better word. It's kinda strange to me, considering she is daunted even whilst doing it...and so different to J-Man, who just bowled ahead and had no thought (ever) that he couldn't do it.

But still, so wonderful to watch the unfolding. I'm still baffled people think school is important. How can it be? Here's a little girl loving life, just playing with little ponies and hanging out with her family...and the reading is progressing, without any bother at all.

It is as it was created to be- a way to look after children so their parents can work. And they can learn to fit in, and do as they're told- to become good soldiers and workers.

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Kelly said...

It is amazing to watch. We have the same thing going on at our house. No formal lessons and yet reading is happening for Noah (7) and Quinnie (4) is writing all the time now. Amazing. It happens quite naturally ... without school.

Just finished reading Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto ... very interesting read.

We have a new blog (relatively new anyway) that has replaced Life with my sweeties.

Good luck with your upcoming move. Off to read some more.