Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Egg Hunt!

I got up early to pack lots of boxes in preparation for dh and his parents to take them al lup to Kerikeri.

I also needed to plan the Easter Egg was a big success, and cousin M11 (who always says just the right thign) told me, "You sure know how to make a good egg hunt."

First the kiddos needed to find little hunting eggs, and marshmallow eggs around the yard.

Tombliboo (2) did not want to get dressed (as usual), but was eventually persuaded at the thought of an egg hunt. He found loads of them, and was buzzing about each find.

He unwrapped every one, and once the next stage was done- stripped naked again, as usual...Cousin M11 thinks it's hilarious, but is a bit concerned about his future (lol).

Next they each had a treasure hunt to decipher to get their "big" egg...only this year it was a teeny bunny and a bag of chocolate buttons. Noone complained, and really that was enough chocolate for anyone.

Princess (6) had written clues which she read wihtout any hiccups apart from mixing up b's (and d's) and not knowing what the "ruddish" was. That is an interesting point about reading- she never used to muddle b's and d's, it's a new thing. Quite strange. J-Man always muddled them. I should have thought of it before, but maybe it's time to say, "If a word doesn't make sense, try replacing the d with a b" (lol).

J-Man and M11 had jumbled word clues. J-Man found his surprise very quickly, then helped his cousin when he really was stuck.

Tombliboo has a treasure hunt idea I learned from Jackie...I gave him a spoon, and said it needed to go in the right place and he'd find another clue. He put it in the drawer, then found a pair of his undies (lol, they were clean)...he went to put them away and found his Thomas the train water-tower. He put that away and found his easter bunny.

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