Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Week so far...

Princess has been enjoying doing more colouring by key pictures. She drew this super-cool picture of Hubby and I dancing, looking at each's very sweet- like me heels?

J-Man has been busy painting his LOTR figures, and making games on the computer.

Tombliboo has been making a mess in every room, and being cute. I found him yesterday cleaning up a gigantic rice bubble mess, saying, "Oh no, Mama- I (s)pilled it all ediwhere."

We had a slight breakthrough yesterday too, when I observed him pulling dvd's off the shelf and letting them crash with a giggle...I asked him to stop 3 times in different ways, but he carried on. I picked him up and sat with him in the kitchen and asked if he was ready to pick up all the dvd's...he said Yes! I asked if he'd like me to help him, and he replied yes to that as well. We started picking them up together, and he said, "Sorry Mama- sorry to do dat a dvds Mama."

N and B2 came to play, and we all had a lot of fun- and got some work done too...the same as usual, put away the magnetic marbles so the kids can throw them all ediwhere again and then put them away, and then watch them fly round the room again, etc.

But that kind of crazy-making (terribly standard) activity is not a bother at lal when there are two of you enjoying a chat while you work.

Tombliboo asked for a book about space over a month ago, and I ordered it as soon as possible- it finally arrived, and he has enjoyed looking at it. Princess wanted a trial of Reading Eggs and that came too, but she has only used it once...she loves it though. I imagine it would be more appealing to girls than boys, but it is fairly cool (except for the r-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n, though Princess copes with it because she enjoys the program enough).

The kiddos found Twister (I didn't even know we had it) and had a ball trying to get as tangled as possible.

There has also been a bit of reading, a lot of chasing, a lot of ponies and Lego, and a few movies.


Shady Lady said...

Love the drawings!

I don't know why, but my reader doesn't show when you have new posts on this blog. I never know when you post, then when I finally come and check you've posted bunches. I wish I knew why!

Amber said...

Those drawings are adorable!!

I love kids art work and love decorating my fridge with it. :)