Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I got so much done today! I was like a housewife extroadinaire...and I also got to be with the kids here and there.

I tidied the lounge, and vacuumed in there and the kitchen, stufdy and hallway. I cleaned the toilet, and the bathroom. I tidied the lounge again- because you must know that a tidy lounge is like an invitation for children to come and "fill it up"agian.

I tidied all the garbage off the table, and cut loads of flowers to put in a vase and make it look nice. I did 3 loads of washing- one ordinary load, and then 2 extras because Tombliboo chucked all over us (and the bed) in the night.

I helped Tombliboo water all our seeds (tomatoes, lettuces, parsely and corainder so far), and he helped me get some exercise on the trampoline.

I tidied up all our outdoor toys, and weeded the garden just a tad. We all walked to the supermarket and the bank. We got a few groceries, and Princess helped enormously by looking after Tombliboo (who was remarkably well-behanved...yay!). The only hiccup was at the checkout where he was insisting on a packet of bubbegum, which wasn't a problem exceptthat he likes to chew it a little then give it to me...since I don't have anywhere to put it, I tend to chew it until we reach the rubbish bin at the exit...but today I bit my cheek...hard (400 pounds per square inch!). I kept myself together and didn't cry...but then I bit the same stupid cheek again....yeeeeow! Tears came unbidden, and I got through the payment, and packing (they seem to struggle with reusable bags) with 3 children, got outside and wailed. I dutifully showed the older kids the damage to my cheek which grossed them out considerably.

We walked home via the library where Tommy amused the kids (and the security staff) by feeding hire-cd's in to the returns box. I got the book Power Down which will be very enlightening, if only I can keep my eyes open to finish a page (Tombliboo has been waking everyhour for the last 2 months). Princess found yet more fairy books which always delight her, but I am convinced there is only one plot (they keep writing more, and they now number well over 40 books). We started reading them when Princess was 3.

We got home, ate lunch, then Tombliboo fell asleep watching Diego. I discovered a whole extra shelf in the laundry, and rearranged the whole cupboard to make better use of the space. I even had a cup of tea, worked on the washing a bit, then went to see if I could play with Princess.

She is so funny- at the moment, she likes to play alone and looks annoyed at the interruption if I check in with her. Last night, she asked if I could be a fancy lady, and she would be my maid!

I've never had so much fun. She was only obliging if I treated her like a maid (roughly), and she did all manner of things she wouldnt normally do (even putting socks and slippers on...Daddy regularly asks her every day, but she doens;t seem to feel the cold).

I ran out of things to ask her ot do, so I gave her än hour off. Later, dh asked if I would put away the bath toys, and I sent the little maid off on another job. She was looking rather scowly when I went ot give her a hand, and I asked if she was fed up with being a main.

"No", she replied, I'm creeped out by it!"

I laughed and asked for an explanation...."Well, one minute you're rough with me, then you give mean hour off, and then you're back to bossing me about!"

I was pleased to noitced today that Princess thought it was hilarious that a character on tv was "so stupid" because he didn't relaise that the three pencis he had were still three if they fell on the floor. I haven't checked this out for quite some time, but the last time I did- Princess did *not* get this important mathematical principle either. Or perhaps she would have if I'd used 3 pencils rather than 7.

She didn't really believe me that she didn't used to understand that either, but reminded me that I *am* 6 now Mummy, and six is very clever you know.

I checked it properly, and she needed no thinking whatsoever to realise that 7 straws in my hand will still be 7 straws if they are on the table, or dropped on the floor, or fed through a hole in a box.

Princess found a caterpillar in the cut flowers, and we set about making a habitat for it so we could, hopefully see it turn in to a butterfly. Tombliboo was convinced it was a worm, and terribly "shunny"as it crawled along my hand...but he did not want to touch it himself. The habitat was quite elaborate- a shoebox with windows so we could watch the caterpillar.

Our first ever box of organic fruit and vegetables arrived in a giant banana box...which Princess felt was in need of a steering wheel. I made one whilst making the dinner. Tombliboo enjoyed his box very much, but Princess was not happy- it needed to be a fire engine. She set about making hoses and sirens, and wheels as well.

Lots more happened today, but I am bored of recording it (lol), and tired (soooo tired) and need to take Tombliboo off to bed- he's just fallen asleep at last, on top of his Daddy (whos'gone to sleep as well).

I'll try to add photos tomorrow...the camera is munted, as is the computer...oh dear.

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