Thursday, September 4, 2008

Changes :0)

Like a bolt from the blue on Tuesday night, I decided to limit my computer time.

I don't think I was consciously considering such a radical step, though I have often thought about ways to lessen my time online. (Funny too that it came just two days after I decided I really must get back to blogging more often).

And, just like that- I ended my love affair with the computer.

Well, not quite- I do still love the computer- a world of information at my fingertips, a growing family of people who understand where I am going, and why.

But it had taken a larger chunk out of my life than I wanted. I was also playing a game (I don't normally play games) which was fun, though annoying at times- and I toyed (often) with the idea of just letting it go...and then I did.

Wednesday morning arrived, and instead of turning the computer on- I didn't. I got in the shower, and then started the washing (it was on the line before 8am). And so the day went on- I told myself my computer time will be when Tombliboo falls asleep, *if* Tombliboo falls asleep.

I got so much done, I wondered if perhaps it wasn't 3 kids and a not-very-enamoured-of-housework mother that was the cause of our constantly-messy house...but rather, how long I spend on the computer. And it's not even "how long", but more "how many times"...because my computer time was always interspersed by plenty of other things, but it woudl be like- read e-mails, go put the washing on, come back and read e-mails or reply to them, or look something up, or play my silly game, and then get food for everyone, then back to the computer, etc.

As well as cleaning up little piles of junk that have accumulated over a long time, vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, lots of washing, dishes, tidying the kids' rooms and general putting things away, I also read to the little ones and played Polly Pockets with Princess (2 activities which have been missing for too long). We also went for a walk to the shops and the library.

Did I miss my game? Not in the least. Did I miss the computer? Not at all. When I did get on, when Tombliboo fell asleep in the sling on the way home from the shops- I made good use of the time, and still managed to send 30 e-mails in one day! I didn't stay on for the whole hour he slept either- there were other things I wanted to do.

Thursday meant a little bit more time on the computer, but only because I wanted to get photos of the kids sent to their modelling agent. Certainly nowhere near the same amount of time.

And, now I'm on in the early morning, but only because I have been meaning to write on my blog for 2 days now. Tombliboo and Aimee are absorbed in The Doodlebops (surely the most annoying programme on Playhouse Disney). J-Man is still asleep, and I know I am only sitting here because I have a goal in mind- where I really want to be is not here.

What a difference!

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